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1,075 - Defying Orders

Center for Educational Development
I order you not to listen to this episode! If you defy my orders, then I guess...
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Out of Order

War on the Rocks
Flux : Bombshell
...Hong Kong, the release of classified information by the President (again!), MILCON spending for the border wall, and the Mattis book. Whew! After all that, the dive into pop culture with...
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SFF49: The Order

Den of Geek
The premise of The Order sounds a bit crazy: a secret society of witches and warlocks on a college campus...
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Mark Kreh from Order of 9 (Nightmare/Sony RED) was on the show with our illustrious host. They discussed the music scene,...
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Flux : In Our Time
...of our own which distort the scientific truth. How does natural history classify the natural order?With Colin Tudge, writer, scientist and author of The Variety of Life: A Survey and a...
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468- Alphabetical Order

roman@99pi.org (Daniel Semo, Joe Rosenberg)
Flux : 99% Invisible
In much of the western world, alphabetical order is simply a default we take for granted. It’s often the one we try first...
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177- Lawn Order

roman@99pi.org (Roman Mars)
Flux : 99% Invisible
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PodKISSt Staff
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287-In which order ?

The great class
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Kicking #78 "Special Order"

Jenna and Bodhi Elfman
Bodhi likes everything to be a "special order". Yes, everything... 
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#46: The Natural Order

Boardwalk Audio
Today we get to talk all about "The Natural Order" (S3E20) from 30 Rock! We talk a little bit about "Hamilton", talk a little bit...
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There have been a lot of studies over the years regarding birth order. Some conclude that it's a big deal, while others more or less discount its importance....
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