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Paste, LIVE on Northwest Notes

austinrich@gmail.com (Austin Rich)
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Bonobo ponders a surprise move to neo-hardcore, Stephen Pastels on the history of the Pastels in five tracks. Plus Toy, Lorde and ScHhoolboy Q...
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Edinburgh Man #267

Edinburgh Man
Aggi, Various Artists, Fresh, Soft Pastels, Plastic Animals, The Schoolgirls, Velveteen Riot.
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...success in the male-dominated European art world of the early 1700s. Her work helped popularize pastels and her portraits were commissioned by Europe's most prominent figures.  Learn more about your ad-choices...
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Mona Ozouf

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Savage Kick #46

kopper@radiomutation.com (Køpper J. Kopp)
Flux : Mixcloud
...Turner, plus music from Blacktop, The Screws, The Hall Monitors, Thee Midniters, The Bomboras, The Pastels, Sonny Raye, new stuff from …
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Softcore Satanism

Ten Seven Ten
...talk about choosing the wrong candles, and other creepy spellcasting mishaps. Wizards, witches, portals, and pastels. Voicemail: 731-400-BUDS(2837)Email: eandepod@gmail.com Music:Deja Vu - Witchy Woman Heart - Magic ManHocus Pocus - Come Little...
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...- Get A Job Boss-Tones - Mope-Itty Mope The Clovers - Devil Or Angel The Pastels - Been So Long Hollywood Flames - Buzz Buzz Buzz Dave Collins - Bluesy Me...
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