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Patron Requests #488

Marc Gunn, Screaming Orphans, The Gothard Sisters, Syr, Iarla O'Lionaird, Gaelic Storm, Heather Dale, Kennedy's Kitchen, Runa
...To subscribe, go to Apple Podcasts or to our website where you can become a Patron of the Podcast for as little as $1 per episode. Promote Celtic culture through music...
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Ep278: Secret Episode for Patrons

Nate Goyer, Record Collector, Music Fan, Vinyl Maniac
This episode is only available to show patrons at Patreon.com/VinylGuide, please join us there and consider becoming a member and helping support the...
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Celtic Flashback from Patrons #536

Marc Gunn, Runa, Screaming Orphans, Syr, Brobdingnagian Bards, Count 4dB, Kennedy's Kitchen, Iarla O'Lionaird, Heather Dale
Patrons make Flashback song requests today on Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Runa, Screaming Orphans, Tullamore,...
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President Jair Bolsonaro campaigned on a promise to overturn the country’s political patronage, but as his popularity has slipped he has come to need it. The latest bids...
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Patron Saints of Celtic Music #584

Marc Gunn, Runa, serious kitchen, Gone Molly, Altan, Talisk, The Elders, The Killdares, Syr, Celtica Pipes Rock
Patronage is incredibly important to creators, whether as a musician or as a podcaster. This is an...
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32.1 Lord Sidebottom & The Awesome Airship Mystery Patrons only

Hawk & Cleaver | A Digital Story Studio bringing you the best new stories to watch, read, sniff, and absorb.
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Episode 797 Marc Millon interviews Edoardo Patrone in this episode of Italian Food & Wine with Marc Millon on the Italian Wine...
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...Anthony Gibson. Zach is the founder of Chicago-based company, Eleusinian Productions studio that invented the Patronized Self-Distribution (PSD) model. The Patronized self-distribution (PSD) uses NFTs essentially as an alternative distribution model...
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Flux : Sleep With Me
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...la critique qui tue, l'arme imparable souvent décochée par un aîné - enseignant, parent, animateur, patron - pour vous mettre à terre ou vous clouer le bec. "Tu manques de maturité,...
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List of Funny Drinking Songs

Marc Gunn, Funny Irish Drinking Songs
...to download a free album of my Celtic and comedy music. Special thanks to my Patrons. You can support my craft for as little as $1 per month. Become a Patron...
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