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...influences/legends in punk rock and one of my personal musical hero's - Jim Lindberg from PENNYWISE; I have a tattoo on my chest to prove it! We play a few of...
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Medium 17a93a98d7b2cfd6ba934e345d008415c30b93a8
...ALSO, AS A BONUS - TOAP LIVE AT HOUSE OF VANS w/ FLETCHER DRAGGE from Pennywise & CRAIG SETARI from Sick Of It All. Check out some of THE WILDEST stories...
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...Sick of It All - To the Wolves Sick of It All - Mental Furlough Pennywise - Goodbye Bad Times Pennywise - American Lies Pennywise - Live While You Can Conflict...
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...- Lust To Love (Go Go Covers) New Found Glory - I Wanna Be Sedated Pennywise - Stand By Me Pennywise - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Insanity Alert - Two Joints Insanity...
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Episode 20 - Darko

Garrett Wadford
...Rob Piper of DARKO - 2 Songs from their latest EP, 2 NEW songs from PENNYWISE'S brand new Album "Yesterdays", a single off Counterpunch's new Album - Episode Theme "BACK TO...
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Interview with CHRIS CRESSWELL from THE FLATLINERS from Toronto, Canada; New Pennywise song Released. New video from Forus "If All Else Fails!" - New release from the...
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...Schumacher from Torches To Triggers ; North Shore Theme, Ripping punk from Evergreen Terrace, Guttermouth, Pennywise, Dutch Nuggets, The Flatliners, Forus, Local Resident Failure, The Decline and much more!
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Bill Skarsgård

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
...in the winter, being part of a family of actors and getting the role of Pennywise in IT. They also talk about how Swedish culture differs from America, how he feels...
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...story with an all new cast of grown up Losers returning to Derry to stop Pennywise once and for all. While we have some problems with the pacing, there are some...
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Season 1 Episode 3: Dying Scene

Mable Syndrome Punk Rock Podcast
...he started them and he tells some funny stories, including his awkward encounter with Fletcher from Pennywise.  We also talk with Jay Stone, a Senior Contributor, about his interviews with Fat Mike...
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...punk rock inferno! Adrenalized, A Wilhelm Scream, Forus, The Flatliners, Dutch Nuggets, The Human Project, Pennywise, Counterpunch, NoFX, Strung Out and many more!
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...some cool shit, for sure. If you miss these guys on tour in Australia with Pennywise and Sharks, or anywhere for that matter – you lose, bigtime. Thanks Tom and the...
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Season 1 Episode 17: Beer Punks

Mable Syndrome Punk Rock Podcast
...a cold brew, and listen to us chat about beer and punk rock. Bands discussed: Pennywise, Millencolin, The Germs, Bad Religion Song: Beer for Breakfast by The Replacements
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