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Faces Places

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Flux : Film Reviews
Faces Places is a loose-limbed, French-language documentary about a couple of kindred spirits — the photographer and...
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This Place

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Flux : Ear Hustle
...San Quentin’s 166-year history. Normally, we get the guys inside to tell stories. But this place itself does speak, and it’s not always through words. A heads-up: this episode contains graphic...
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Trading Places

...John, Steve and Kelley as they discuss the Eddie Murphy/Dan Ackroyd/Jamie Lee Curtis Classic, Trading Places! Get in the holiday spirit and see if this movie holds up today!

Place of Dreams

Daniel Browning
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To try to curb COVID-19, the Bay Area has ordered a “shelter-in-place” policy for three weeks. That means 7 million residents there may not leave their homes,...
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Larping in Place

Eric Molinsky
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Shelter In Place

Deeper Roots
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A Quiet Place

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Flux : Film Reviews
...90 minutes or thereabouts, I assume it to be a masterpiece unless proved otherwise. “A Quiet Place” is exactly 90 minutes long, or short. It may not make the masterpiece cut, but...
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Mise en Place

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A discussion of the NBC comedy The Good Place, which stars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. We're big fans of the show, and it's...
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Flux : Puck Soup
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