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...in order with poet and novelist Joe Dunthorne, discover a collaborative project aimed at promoting poetry across different cities around the world and head to Singapore to find out why the...
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How Poetry Works

Poetry is a broad and expansive art form. From dramatic verse to haiku, rhyming poetry and...
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Hemingway Poetry Series

Voice of the Arts
...July 9th at Hemingway's Cafe in Oakland. The event is part of the Hemingway's Summer Poetry Series, an annual event that brings Pittsburgh's growing poetry community together. Listen hear to learn...
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20 - Poetry Week

Welcome to Night Vale
It's Poetry Week in Night Vale and folks get a look at a place that should never...
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Poetry's Plea for Animals

Food for Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Being a Joyful Vegan
Several years ago, I happened upon an amazing book called Poetry’s Plea for Animals: An Anthology of Justice and Mercy for our Kindred in Fur and...
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Episode 265: Food in Poetry

info@heritageradionetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...Wellington, New Zealand, and her Ph.D. from Cornell University, where she wrote a dissertation on poetry and science. Her work has appeared in ecopoetics, jubilat, Verse, Indiana Review, Fence, Volt, and...
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Flux : Woman's Hour
...discuss the condition with Fatima Sulaiman from SRUK. As part of Radio 4’s Four Seasons poetry to celebrate the Spring Equinox, Jenni talks to Christine De Luca. She was Edinburgh’s Makar...
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...awareness in the Scots language and Scottish literature. Hear MacDiarmid read from "The Kind of Poetry I Want" during a visit to New York in 1969 and enjoy a selection of...
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Enjoy more verse from Scotland’s poets in part two of our Scottish Poetry & Song series. Hear selections from Scottish National Poet Liz Lochhead, appointed Scots Makar for...
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The Poetry of Friendship | Napcast 39

Sleep With Me | The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep
Flux : Sleep With Me
...a song without music that grates the ears Tommen becomes a bad bard. Is there an evil use of poetry? "I've learned with the podman to sleep with my eyes open." into poem... Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Support the podcast by...
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Wonderful! Ep. 43: Davey Coolstool’s Math Poetry

wonderfulpodcast@gmail.com (Griffin McElroy)
Flux : Wonderful!
Flux : RSS text feed
The idea to nurture poetry in Australia's first languages came to Kirli Saunders when she heard voices in a language...
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