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Show #22 - Michael & Christina Black and Florida relocation!!

The Dub Dee Dub Revue: Walt Disney World & Disneyland Discussion
...Pete, and Chris speak with Michael & Christina Black.  We discuss all things Florida including their motivation for relocation, working for Disney, teaching in the "Sunshine State", and their YouTube channel "Theme Park Brothers".  We were honored...
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Now in the midst of a relocation row, Tsukiji market has showcased some of the world’s most desirable seafood for 80 years....
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...second of two parts, what was once a voluntary resettlement program becomes a violent, forced relocation under the leadership of President Andrew Jackson. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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...why a Californian road trip inspired both his new album 'A Golden State' and his relocation from Bristol to Los Angeles. He also discusses the power of a sad song as...
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A2G63 - Eat a Couch

AXE TO GRIND PODCAST & Sound Talent Media
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Erin Lennox

Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina
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