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Maître de jeux et maître marionnetiste, Pierre-Louis Renaud est un invité absolument fascinant. C’est aussi l’un des fondateurs de Es-tu games? Découvrez en...
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Episode 236: Stephane Bombet, François Renaud, & Total Makeover

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...and Darin in Los Angeles sitting down with the guys behind the Bombet Hospitality Group, François Renaud and Stephane Bombet. Talking how they started their partnership, why as Europeans they both decided...
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Violinist Renaud Capucon celebrates the music of the silver screen in 'Cinema,' his new album with Stephane...
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...The Saints to promote during a French tour the new album “Stranger” they recorded with Renaud Brustlein and Antoine Pinnet two members of the French band H-Burns. Renaud Brustlein at the...
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...Ben Monder also make an appearence. Older material from Oliver Nelson, and French pianist Henri Renaud. Follow us on Twitter @JazzBoulevard // Source: JazzBoulevard.ca  

Les Enfants de Bohème

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...Dan Gharibian trio - Affames d'ephemere (3:46) 4. Yazz Ahmed - La Saboteuse (4:31) 5. Renaud Garcia-Fons - Pavane du levant (4:02) 6. Derya Yidinm & Grup Simsek - Uc Kiz...
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...compete in the International Blues Competition and they took 2nd place in 2007. Their dad, Renaud write the lyrics to their songs and their newest album "The Game" is full of...
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...au peigne fin en grande compagnie, comme le veut la tradition Le Maître marionnetiste Pierre-Louis Renaud de Es-tu Game? est parmis nous. Est-ce que 2019 est la pire année ludique de...
...il a aussi sacrément évolué dans le temps. En partant de la célèbre infographie de Renaud Joy, on se rend compte de l’immensité du prisme de responsabilité couvert par le référencement....
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...the new album “Stranger” they co-wrote with two members of the French band H-Burns : Renaud Brustlein and Antoine Pinnet. Chris Bailey and Peter Wilkinson during the soundcheck in Marseille at...
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...same period Chris Bailey should tour with Peter Wilkinson (The Saints) and the French musicians Renaud Brustlein and Antoine Pinet from H-Burns to promote the album they recorded together last year...
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...chat networks in Messages.app (via Sam Gross) APFS snapshotting and iOS Simulator parallel testing (via Renaud Leinhart) How's the iOS 12 beta? Stereo HomePod pair review Jeff Foxworthy Paradigm Atom Zac...
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