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...is joined by Shontel Lewis & Jenee Elise Donelson for June's live discussion.  ******************************* This month's podcast topic:  “Denver, RTD & public transit: What's going on and how could it be improved?"
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...note concerning upcoming live shows, and Doctor Who news (Woody Allen in Doctor Who? - RTD Dismisses Kylie Minogue Rumours - "Series 3" on the Sci-Fi Channel). Brought to you by...
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...English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) Groupe RTD feat. Hassan Omar Houssein : Halkaasad Dhigi Magtiisa from the CD The Dancing Devils Of...
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CPR-039 Campground Pirate Radio

campgroundpirateradio@gmail.com (Uncle Waldo)
...Decision Engine 54 Upside Down Animal Chin Time-Out Cherry Poppin’ Daddies Don Quixote Pocket Lent Rtd Honeymooners Out of Control Moskovskaya The Circus Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior All-Stars Dance All...
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