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Sex Nerd Sandra

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Synergy Alert! Firing on all cylinders (and then some), Janet and Episode 63 guest Sandra Daugherty (Sex Nerd Sandra) give each other brain orgasms with a deep dive into intimacy...
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Heavyweight Presents: Sandra

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Flux : Heavyweight
Heavyweight returns this fall. In the meantime, Gimlet has just released its newest fiction show. Sandra. Sandra is Gimlet’s newest fiction series, about a world where artificial intelligence isn’t so artificial....
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Dave & Sandra Breakup

Sex Nerd Sandra
FEELINGS, FEELINGS & MORE FEELINGS! Sandra & Dave hug goodbye after a long talk about the ups & downs of their...
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Guest Sandra Postel, Director of the Global Water Policy Project, speaks with Diane Horn about her most...
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RACE FETISH & INTERETHNIC DATING! Comedian Darryl Charles and sexologist Dr. Timaree Schmit join Sandra on stage to figure out where couples have sex in their homes. Answer: Everywhere. Then...
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DRAGON PENIS! Sexologist Megan Andelloux (TheCSPH.org) & comedian Will Smalley join Sandra on the first stop of her tour! TOPICS: Comedy, Hair Removal Techniques, Pubic Faux Hawk,...
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LOVE, TEXTING & CRYING! Sandra and ex-co-host Dave Ross play catchup. TOPICS: Dave's new podcast "Terrified," Dave's Love Debacle, West...
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Flux : Woman's Hour
...support, as well as a 24-hour helpline. Every year it supports 80,000 women and children. Sandra Horley has been Refuge’s Chief Executive for over 40 years. She comes onto Woman's Hour...
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Flux : Pantheon
The Band: A History interviews author Sandra Tooze about her new book Levon Helm: From Down in the Delta to the Birth...
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Flux : CarStuff
Sandra West was a well-known socialite who tragically passed away at a young age. Her will...
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Sandra Cisneros: A House of My Own

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Flux : Bookworm
Sandra Cisneros, now in her sixties, looks back at her journey to find her voice, in...
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Flux : Homecoming
We’re excited to introduce our newest fiction podcast: Sandra. Helen thought her new job would help her forget her dreary hometown, but working behind...
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NIPPLES, NAPES & NULLO! Comedian Erin Lennox and musician Blain Macintosh help Sandra discuss hot spots! TOPICS: Slutty Pride, Big Nipples, Breast Perimeter Sweeps, Nipple-Clit Trifecta, Moving Targets,...
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Sandra Cisneros on Writing, Running Away and RuPaul

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Flux : Nerdette
Tricia sits down with one of her literary heroes: Sandra Cisneros. They talk about the difference between being a writer and an author, how travel...
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...a working relationship. It gets deep. It gets honest. Team Fun gets real.    Join Sandra at Patreon.com/sexnerdsandra for bonus episodes and more!
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