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This year it's the 150th anniversary of Erik Satie. So raise your bowler hat to soprano Barbara Hannigan and pianist Reinbert de Leeuw, who...
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SAT: Is all the prep and angst worth it?

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Madeleine Brand)
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Bhante began his talk by explaining for our beginners ànàpàna-sati, or mindfulness, on in-and-out-breathing. Mindfulness brings us into the present moment leaving the past in...
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New Classical Tracks: Jean-Yves Thibaudet - Erik Satie - The Complete Solo Piano Music
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Flux : Titre inconnu
E! What happens in a world of E-government, atuned to the music of E. Satie. Enjoy, Ruxandra
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Anne Queffelec

...tous les répertoires. Sur les touches de son piano, elle fait résonner Mozart, Beethoven, Ravel, Satie ou Dutilleux.
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In May 2010 Eric Satie's Vexations was performed at Jack Straw Productions. This continuous 18 hour performance was made possible...
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In May 2010, Eric Satie's Vexations was performed at Jack Straw Productions. This continuous, 18-hour performance was made possible with...
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...Vincent Cacchione. Original music composed by Nate Weida. Deirdre's music box song today is Erik Satie's Gymnopédie. With Jacquelyn Landgraf as Deirdre Gardner, also featuring Annie Golden. www.nightvalepresents.com/itmakesasound
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...of the March issue of BBC Music Magazine, pianist Anne Queffélec plays solo works by Satie, Honegger, Hahn, Poulenc and Mompou, and is joined by fellow pianist Frank Braley and the...
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...Nyro, James Taylor, the Band, the Rolling Stones, as well as Billie Holiday and Erik Satie. They were originally formed in 1967 in New York City. Since their beginnings, the band...
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Episode 228: 14228 Black Swan of Piano

Classical Music Discoveries
...in BLACK SWAN OF PIANO. Extending from the melancholic forms of 19th century composer Eric Satie to the dark, moving compositions of the pianist herself, this album invites listeners into the...
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Flux : The Gist
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Koppen - "Nani Kore?" (into) Ensemble Ambrosius - "Night Schol" Satie, Teodoro Anzellotti, Accordeon - "Les Trois Valses Distingu Es Du Pr Cieux D Goute" (with)...
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...- Low Key [Delusions Of Grandeur] Jimpster - Burning Up (Charles Webster Remix) [Freerange] Emanuel Satie Feat. Billy Cobham - Don't Forget To Go Home (Dub Mix) Whitesquare - Ligai [Freerange]...
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