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Scotland in Film

Andrew McDiarmid
Enjoy a short history of Scotland in film on this episode of Simply Scottish. From the earliest depiction of Scotland in...
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Beaver in Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland
Euan McIlwraith looks back at the journey of beaver in Scotland gaining protected status.
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Acoustic Scotland #169

Marc Gunn, Jesse Ferguson, The Sorries, Emerald Accent, Marc Gunn, Mikey Mason, Library Bards, Lauren Mayer, Kilted Kings
...from Bends of the Bow 11:41 "Westlin Wind" by Emerald Accent from For Love of Scotland 15:44 "Scotland's Story" by Ed Miller from Come Awa' Wi' Me 19:13 PUB TALK 21:22...
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On this episode of Simply Scottish, explore how Christmas is celebrated in Scotland. We'll look at the history of the holiday and discuss examples of traditions that have...
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The Heart of Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland
Mark and Euan attempt to answer one simple question: where is the heart of Scotland?
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Next summer in Scotland, the first non-internet show since the pandemic began, and some Scottish songs. Welcome to the...
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In celebration of Scotland's historic referendum on independence, we look back at 300 years of union between Scotland and...
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AyePodcast 20 - music in Scotland

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
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If you're a golf fanatic, you probably dream of visiting St Andrew's in Scotland. Stuart Catterson is the Managing Director of The Golf Touring Company and he joined Rob...
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...did it become the popular Olympic event it is today? From the purpose-built ponds of Scotland to the frozen reaches of Canada, from Chamonix to Sochi, celebrate with us this curious...
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Although the origins of golf are widely debated, the game developed and matured in Scotland. On this episode of Simply Scottish, the latest in our Sport in Scotland series, we...
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Mark and Euan with a look back at a centenary of forestry in Scotland.
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...about the ancient royal burgh of Dunfermline as well as the city's enduring connection with Scotland's famous king Robert the Bruce. Enjoy music from Gillebride MacMillan and CARA too!
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