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Ana Egge plays tracks from Say That Now and talks about working with the Sentimentals to craft the songs and why she chose to go in a rock & roll...
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Flux : Savage Hippie
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Flux : Live on KEXP
...back into a recording mindset, resulting in an instrumental EP and cover album combo, A Sentimental Education. Joining Kevin Cole in the KEXP Live Room, the band run through two songs...
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My Brother, My Brother and Me 16: Coach

shows@mbmbam.com (Justin McElroy)
...My Brother and Me Fall Season 2010, our three hosts share a number of special, sentimental moments. The specialness and sentimentality of it all is just so overwhelming. Don't be afraid...
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Watch the River Run

From my 2013 album, Old Songs, New Sentiments. Please feel free to download and enjoy responsibly.
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Cette semaine, nous recevons Jerr et Jacob et nous avons un sentiment de déjà-vu. Enregistré le 2 février 2018.
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Put on your sentimental pants, as cash rides his beloved bicycle down memory lane, and discovers himself along the...
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Celebrating the dumping of the chump trump, some punk and punkish sentiments to help you celebrate.
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...and musician. He led a band presenting a combination of jazz, hokey comedy, and schmaltzy sentimentality that was a hit with the American public. He was known by the moniker "Mr....
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...has four movements, each of which has a very catchy name: Boisterous Bouree, Playful Pizzicato, Sentimental Sarabande, and Frolicsome Finale.
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...Intermission Riff (theme) Glenn Miller Orchestra- A String of Pearls Tommy Dorsey Orchestra- I'm Getting Sentimental Over You Les Brown Orchestra- Sentimental Journey The Manhattan Transfer- Four Brothers Duke Ellington Orchestra-...
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...and Amy both bring songs that may not be the most popular but do have sentimental stories behind them.     Email: eandepod@gmail.com Website: www.eandepod.com Phone: 731-400-2837   Music: The Youngbloods...
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Public monuments can be removed for a variety of reasons, from public sentiment changing, to governments being overthrown, to just being downright ugly. Learn all about this hot...
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CJC Week Ending 5/10/2019 (Seg 1)

TenShare-TVM Productions
...Betty Carter | The Music Never Stops | Blue Engine 8 | Brendan Rothwell | Sentiment | Independent 7 | Catherine Russell | Alone Together | Dot Time 6 | Eric...
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