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...in 2018, featuring Sweet Pea Atkinson, Bernard Allison, Nathaniel Rateliff, Reverend Freakchild, Sharon Jones, Isaiah Sharkey and Danielle Nicole.
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Another 2 Hours of great 80's Music including Feargal Sharkey, Bananarama, Pointer Sisters, Erasure, The Police, Black Box, O.M.D. The Jam and loads more have...
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We're back! Tracklist: Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire (Sharkey & Peter Sar Remix) B-52's - Juliet of the Spirits (Morgan Page Remix) Bloc Party...
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...Samantha Fish Belle Of The West Better Than Lake Street Dive Live In the Studio Sharkey's Bar Andy Twyman Live Trippin'Over The Wire Sam Kelly's Station House No Barricades I Don't...
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Get Jiggy #437

Marc Gunn, Celtic Woman, Lilt, Jim Sharkey, willos', Poitin, Jiggernaut, Jiggy
...on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast Celtic Woman, Tartanic, Westwood Bluegrass Band, Lilt, Jim Sharkey, willos', Jigger, Poitin, Kilted Kings, Dustin Cooper, Eamonn Flynn, Jiggernaut, Callanach, The Wild Irish Roses,...
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...Band, 9TeeZ, Todd Rundgren & Rivers Cuomo, We Are The Union, Mad Caddies and Feargal Sharkey joins the ska party! Send me your music if you're in a band - do...
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...to Illinois in the US of A to talk to the one and only Rob Sharkey @sf28430 They don't have Christmas Crackers in America, that's all I'm saying..      LONDON...
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Wind & Whiskey to Shake the Barley #245

Marc Gunn, Perkelt, Jim Sharkey, Don Gabbert, O'Hanleigh, Nine-8ths Irish, The Elders
...from Nine-8ths Irish, Harpnotic, David Nigel Lloyd, Aisling, New Shilling, Kailyarders, Adamh, Emerald Dawn, Perkelt, Jim Sharkey, The Elders, Don Gabbert, Barleyjuice, O'Hanleigh. If you enjoy this podcast, then please rate the...
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EXP Podcast #53: Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Experience Points Podcast
...Weapon Replica Business" by Mike Fahey, via Kotaku "Fear and Mistrust in Videogames" by Scott Sharkey, via 1Up- Music provided by Brad Sucks
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Christmas in the Trenches #53

Marc Gunn, The Gothard Sisters, Rosanne Cash, The Barra MacNeills, Cherish the Ladies, Harper Enhard
...Irish School of Music, Harper Denhard, The Jig Is Up!, Seamus Kennedy, Rosanne Cash, Jim Sharkey, Prydein, The Grenaways, Marc Gunn, The Selkie Girls Celtic Christmas Podcast is brought to you...
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Get ready to dance and sing with rockin' Celtic music from Jiggy, Ciana, Jim Sharkey, Forkroot, Marc Gunn, The Ugly Mugs, Eilis Crean, The Wee Heavies, Mike Katz, Roads to...
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...Edey, The Jeremiahs, Free Range String Band, Christine Weir, Kailyarders, Templars of Doom, Barleyjuice, Jim Sharkey. Listen and download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free! http://celticmusicpodcast.com   Subscribe to the Celtic Music...
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Rainy Day in the Celtic Nations #357

Marc Gunn, Gwendolyn Snowdon, Lunasa, Breabach, IONA, Colleen Raney, The High Kings
...Dun Aengus, Na Rosai, Gwendolyn Snowdown, Breabach, Lunasa, Spirited Lads, Ginger Ackley, Moonrakers, IONA, Jim Sharkey, Colleen Raney, The High Kings, David Pedrick, Trinity River Whalers, Runa, The Gothard Sisters. http://celticmusicpodcast.com/...
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