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Lorde - Sober

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Flux : Song Exploder
...– five months before her 21st birthday. In this episode, Ella breaks down her song “Sober.” You’ll hear how it started, with the original demos she made with her co-producer Jack...
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Flux : Swipe Out
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The problem with being sober is waking up in the morning and knowing it s not going to get any...
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...Centuries, Saints Eleven, and many more.  "For people who watch the flames ’til they get sober" originated from Americana Music Show.
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Flux : Savage Hippie
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...you to listen to the entire conversation. Addressing his lifelong epileptic grand mal seizures, getting sober, and becoming totally responsible. His unusual and interesting entrepreneurial career in Sweden, starting as a...
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...promoter didn’t pay them, why The Scorchers were a double edged sword for Warner… Getting sober in 1992 and the changes that have taken place since then, why he moved to...
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...drug addiction, Catra Corbett hit her bottom, finding herself in jail. Soon after she got sober, Catra discovered her love of fitness. She also started running, and running more. To date,...
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DftUnderground Episode 274

Dispatches from the Underground
Roger from the NYC punk band Knucklehead is back to talk about being sober in a profoundly un-sober world, and the recent tumult around fracking
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...NAO "Adore You" | https://soundcloud.com/thisnao/nao-adore-you?in=thisnao/sets/nao-so-good-ep Joe: dvsn "Keep The Faith" | https://soundcloud.com/dvsndvsn/faithful-dvsn-remix Rory: Childish Gambino "Sober" | https://soundcloud.com/childish-gambino/sober-unmixed
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...the personal to the political. The group’s most recent number one rock radio track is “Sober,” a topic that frontman and recovering addict Tommy Vext knows intimately. Here, he opens up...
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Live Christmas Country Music Show And yes tou can have fun living life clean and sober® #soberforliferadio®
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Flux : The Gist
...you drunk Shakespeare. Now, it’s time to see how the bard fares when subjected to sober improvisation. (We think it was sober.) Joey Bland, Blaine Swen, and Steve Waltien join us...
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...Bullet Band, his 30+ year relationship with drugs, in a brutally candid way. He’s been sober for over 14 years now and explains what his “rock bottom” was and how he...
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