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Flux : PodJUST
...and relaxing sounds that will put you to sleep instantly. Listen here: https://podlink.to/sleep-spotify Sweet dreams. https://podjust.com/podcast/sleepy-soundscapes-sounds-to-help-you-sleep-fast-asmr-nature-sounds Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
Medium 37ae650b74828aab5d3b1ed0e5a0a1cfa415623c

Where giants nest - nature soundscape

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Flux : Off Track
...Albatross gurgle, the petrels moan and the skuas chatter. No human voices, all Off Track soundscape.
Medium 86c9261408dde6acf7b84d8c593c83a46404b5bc
Medium f608926af5475970dd720c983303b136f4422d23
Flux : Encore!
...FRANCE 24's Florence Villeminot how she uses her primary instrument, the harp, to create unique soundscapes. We also talk about new releases from Keith Urban, Yusuf (formerly known as Cat Stevens)...
Medium 98a5641f800e8b8b30154191463c38a76278c40f
Moonlight hill walking, the winter solstice and musician Phil Cunningham on soundscapes
Medium 4a02f1c0b3836ff8a421b41cf35665af6426bced
Warming up towards greener times with some avant jazz, arty ambient sounds and minimal soundscapes.
Medium c89b7bb937fc4cd5c89cf117848e0cb548c731f3
soundscape of ambient space music
Medium 0941d6f92f9a22b5426f6b431cbece928a84b1cb

Episode 297: Heavenly Flyover

Searching For A Thread
Weaving together a thread of ambient, kraut, cosmic rock, left-field jazz, avant soundscapes and minimalism. Forging paths as we walk them.
Medium a92bb65353767d767c14e5c09387f48d85b3b56b
Brad Anderson brings his dystopic, spaced-out music and soundscapes to Sonarchy.
Medium 2211f728d1a929d9694b50cb793f63d71e20835f

Episode 207: Minimalist Punks

Searching For A Thread
Songs from the post-punk era focused on nihilist soundscapes and minimal productions.
Medium 69d75ed62231d4bd64581ae9426ac3bc7b023cc0
Sikefoalk! 2 hours of English countryside, pastoral soundscapes, whimsical experiments and freaky outsiders. Deep, primarily English acid folk from '69-'73. About 90% has...
Medium 1659f7eadcf1c1c3b5e74df35a7e2931e16b5da2

Trentemøller: “In The Garden”

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
...work and dripping atmosphere with Lina Tullgren's sultry vocals. Listen as they build a diaphanous soundscape.
Medium 0eeda8754e5684370484e7c0293cee197b4223fd

Singer Songwriter Ailie Blunnie

info@irishradio.ca (Austin Comerton)
...Ailie Blunnie’s début album, West to the Evening Sun, takes an emotionally vibrant journey through soundscapes of hope and loss, urban and celtic, myth and magic.
Medium cb3c68be7f762c051c5be9457d85b676ea3b208a

[NATURE TRACK] Mountain Music

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Flux : Off Track
...music, no voices, just the sound of a valley halfway up a Tasmanian Mountain. This soundscape is full of birds and breeze echoing backwards and forwards across a reservoir.  
Medium a92bb65353767d767c14e5c09387f48d85b3b56b
A NYC/Seattle hybrid featuring the deep beat driven sounds of electronica mixed into expansive orchestral soundscapes.
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