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...uncommon album of music for strings and guitar from the Baroque to the mid-20th century. Souvenirs of Spain & Italy is the first joint recording by these renowned artists and marks Isbin’s...
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...- Live on WFMU's 100% Whatever with Mary Wing: Nov 29, 2015 Alexandre Navarro - "Souvenirs" - Sketches Sheeba Exp - "Lichtung" - Walden Sessions Maitadaisuke - "Ekusiadatiam" - No More...
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...Classical Tracks, guitarist Sharon Isbin discusses her collaboration with Pacifica Quartet on the new album 'Souvenirs of Spain and Italy.'
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Shenandoah Davis - Orbit - from the 2017 album Souvenirs on Plume Records.
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Shenandoah Davis - Orbit - from the 2017 album Souvenirs on Plume Records.
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...Sunday Mornings with The Tiki Man August 26, 2018 to talk about his new album Souvenirs. Tune in every Sunday starting at 10 AM Eastern Island Time only on Tiki Man...
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Maria Callas

...toujours, on l'expose, on la joue au théâtre ou l'on dit ses lettres et ses souvenirs.
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Sawbones: Legionnaires' Disease

sawbones@maximumfun.org (Justin McElroy)
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Mic Harrison on who he still wants to fight, truckstop souvenirs, living in Knoxville, and the band member who’s most like Waylon Jennings.. "Mic Harrison" originated...
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Michel Pastoureau

...livres sur les animaux: cochon, ours, loup… et puis ses mémoires, les "Couleurs de nos souvenirs". L’historien médiéviste s’est vite imposé comme le spécialiste de tous ces thèmes. - invités :...
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..."Are You Fooling?" - I Say No, No More Ronnie Love - "Detroit, Michigan" - Souvenirs of the Soul Clap Vol. 1 Baby Love - "Is Your Love Real" - I...
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