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Music from Stockport

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Recorded live here in Stockport. All money goes to the charity Epilepsy Action https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/ To donate Text EPIL71 £2 to...
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... at the Blossoms Stockport Every Christmas and mid-Summer Kieron would organise a gig in Stockport and Northernden. All monies...
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With deep regret one of our Stockport musicians Kieron Hartley, passed recently. To show our respect and celebrate his life and all...
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...are working on a new album, soon to be released. Laura who recently moved from Stockport to London explained they want the debut performance for their album to be in Stockport....
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Beatles Night 2019

A great gig by musicians in and around Stockport. All money to help fund future gigs in Didsbury for Music In Hospitals.
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Wayne McGregor

BBC Radio 4
...and he is renowned for drawing inspiration particularly from the field of science. Born in Stockport in 1970 to Scottish parents, he was inspired by the John Travolta films he watched...
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...- The Booklovers (1999) Andy Votel - Building For Books (2003) Badly Drawn Boy - Stockport (2004) Dave Tyack's Dakota Oak - Sing (2001) Andy Votel - Hemlocka (1996) Andy Votel...
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Didsbury Guitar Trail

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