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...and $2.5b to change America forever. Pro biker [Dan Jatres][link1] evacuation doc [Billy Fields][link2], and Supagroup's [Chris Lee][link3]. [link1]: http://norpc.org/ [link2]: http://planning.uno.edu/faculty_bios/BillyFields.cfm [link3]: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Supagroup/106132465098
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...and features music from great bands that chose....poorly. Bobaflex, Crazy Lixx, We are Harlot, Mustasch, Supagroup.
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...that. We think it's good to laugh at things you love once in a while. Supagroup Supagroup, from New Orleans, started up in 1996. In this episode, we take a listen...
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...resolution Chris who, remember is the front man for ass kicking, take no prisoners rockband Supagroup has decided for this year he s going to kick ass, take no prisoners, and...
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...is best know in New Orleans as front man for the 90 s rock band Supagroup who toured the world, made 7 records and had 4 Top 40 hits. So it...
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...clear a few things up. On the way lighter side but no less revelatory ex Supagroup frontman Chris Lee has been working in reality TV and delivers a blow by blow...
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