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...the weekend and discuss some events like BloodSport, Spring Break, WWN/EVOLVE and of course ROH Supercard of Honor. A heated discussion about Cody vs, Kenny Omega is followed by an analysis...
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...and perfomances throughout the tournament while complaining on a high level before previewing the G1 Supercard from Madison Square Garden.
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...episode! Before that though STRIGGA & Dylan discuss the good and the bad of G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden before bouncing around WrestleMania weekend a bit more while expressing their...
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...a deep dive into a few of the biggest events from Lucha vs. Impact and Supercard of Honor in addition to what they consider the show of the weekend NXT TakeOver:...
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...fan! This weekend will be a cornucopia of events in New Orleans. Whether you’re invested in Supercard of Honor and the culmination of Kenny Omega vs. Cody Rhodes for the soul of...
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Ep. 87: Shook Superstars

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Bully Ray Takes Manhattan

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Bully Ray returns to drop some 411 on the Ring of Honor/New Japan G1 Supercard event taking place tomorrow (Saturday 4/6) at New York’s Madison Square Garden. How the heck...
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...fin de semaine de Wrestlemania 35 avec le NXT TakeOver New York et le G1 Supercard avec deux invités spéciaux : Jean-François Kelly et Ben K7.
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