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...Since then, they’ve released 4 EPs and 1 full length album, with their new album “Synesthesia” due for release in February 2017. They were nominated for 'Best breakthrough group of the...
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Flux : Pantheon
...delivery creates a world of color in my mind. It's not surprising that he has Synesthesia, a perceptual condition in which the stimulation of one sense triggers an automatic, involuntary experience...
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People with a condition known as mirror-touch synesthesia literally feel the pain of others -- but why? Josh and Chuck trace the cause...
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Flux : The Gist
...Konnikova of the New Yorker separates the gold-tinted truth from the rubber-scented fiction when it comes to synesthesia. She’s the author of The Confidence Game. For the Spiel, what if your host was...
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...Cylinder - "Day Three (Meiji Shrine/Harajuku/Yoyogi Park)" - TOKYO Graffiti Mechanism - "Love Plug" - Synesthesia White Visor - "Dark Hearted" - Dark Hearted Panda Dub - "Milky Way" - Lost...
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Flux : Nerdette
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Going Indieground 001

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Émission du 5 mars 2013

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...  Tomasz Dabrowski sur l'album Tom Trio (ILK, 2012)   The Kandisky Effect sur l'album Synesthesia (Cuneiform, 2013)...  
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