Medium 682b9961f9de8f597abb908840fced1c214f1f19
Medium 0bf88a3811f5729658dd07a9a25c63bec13b7d98
...Blake got a new tape delay that sparked a conversation about the possibility of a VHS tape delay. There may be a mod out there to pull it off. Brian and...
Medium 13a851657ccf567c64b57616cadb22b8a7b28bb7
This week we talk about the OFFICIAL VHS and DVD releases that KISS put out and how GREAT or how BAD they were....
Medium 0069523cd12f1cf49951aa78ea0a3ba6070cbbfe
Leonard’s recent post at leonardmaltin.com about the death of vhs—and what we’ve lost in the process—inspired him and Jessie to discuss the parade of movie...
Medium 3d58cad83616a30b559b1b051e2c89f3da562688
Kiss To Add Mark St. John's Kontroversial VHS Kollection To New KISS Museum Plus Sanctary Into The Mirror Black For Jeff Kerr
Medium cf689496b8f9dd5580b9d95174f98017b2359594
...sit down with each other to discuss The Oscars, Leap Years, Twix Candy Bars, Disney's VHS and BETA history, and the origins of the word Amethyst.  
Medium 5729ad0ef4d41accff993bb3a32778a616f430e4
...wear capes, *cough* Jeremy Holmes.) This episode is brought to you by Teamocil, discreetly mislabeled VHS tapes and teriyaki bowls. Teriyaki bowl!
Medium d0f2b5811998d14e49e4c8af88cfce9de2628924

75 Paul Scheer

Leonard Maltin & Jessie Maltin
...his podcast unearthing gems like the Village People's Can't Stop the Music, wearing out the VHS tapes of movies he recorded as a kid, and the ground rules for doing a...
Medium d21b1de42ebbf6a2fe1bc990cb52b865e950396b
Flux : Washed Up Emo
...a live video of a band like Braid or Michigan Fest or picked up a VHS of Actuality of Thought, BiFocal were the ones that did it. Charles has gone on...
Medium d98d7e4af182351f5821553602f6f049e004bfe1
Flux : TechStuff
...present and future of home theater devices that hook up to your tv, from the VHS/Betamax format wars to the OnLive video game platform, in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com. Learn more...
Medium 66fa5f4d7fdabd8eb9bc62c55b6720d564a73095

E14: “The Book Club Episode”

austinrich@gmail.com (Angela & Austin)
...Episode” A wide-ranging conversation about our current thinking and inclinations. In this episode we discuss VHS treasure troves, The Gentleman Class, working for a living, and Star Wars, among other things....
Medium 86a70b43806ad83db204feca4900eb16faf0b0df

HAWK TALK – Video Renaissance

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
...time, we talked about the movies we grew up on! Topics, roughly: The glories of VHS Flight of Dragons Fantastic Planet Star(s), both Wars and Trek The Princess Bride, which is...
Medium 8ae4dbe76c4a7365aa76276a5335870506c03185
Carrie’s brand new husband got her a very good gift: a 1994 VHS about UPC bar codes ushering in the end of the world. She and Ross ponder...
Medium a0ba6909b3471ba8e37b05f0c50c8a4e6f4d17ed
Flux : Six Foot Plus
VHS, Beta, Blu-Ray and DVD. Find them all at your Local Video Store. This episode captures...
Medium abcdba7bcecddb645472faca4073e09dc418fed3
...and Justin Hurwitz about their working relationship and long friendship, and Chris Hewitt talks scary VHS covers with We Have A Ghost director Christopher Landon, and stepping into the directorial breach...
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