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This week Matt, Eli, Mike and Unoclay talk about Virtual Console , remixing classic games like Pac-Man Championship Edition, reviewing hard games, and more. 0:00 -...
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Steven and James chat old games coming to Switch, with or without Virtual Console , along with new video streaming apps and unfortunate game delays.Support the show
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In this weeks show - DS gets a New Colour - Virtual Console Games - Lots of Zelda News - Wii Parties - Pricing of Wii games -...
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Wind Waker HD, Wii U System Updates, New Mario Kart, 3D Mario, New Zelda, Virtual Console for Wii U. These are just some of the new things Nintendo announced in their...
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...and Anthony we discuss everything that came out of Konami's press event to Australia's annoying Virtual Console secrecy. Support the show
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EXP Podcast #489: Nintendo by the Numbers

EXP Podcast #489: Nintendo by the Numbers
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...Smash Bros. Recent releases of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. as well as the virtual console version of Earthbound are also discussed in considerable detail! Be sure to discuss any aspects...
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Flux : Podiffycom
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Switch things happened, Virtual Console things happened in Japan, games aren't com,ing to Wii U! Join Steven, Daniel and Troy...
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...last 8 years, Flamecondor goes off his nutter at Nintendo, the state of the Euro/Australian Virtual Console and WiiWare service and a lot, lot more. So join myself, Flamecondor, James and Anthony...
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...Smash Bros countdownNintendo Media Summit, 22nd and 23rdMore Brain TrainingGodfather Sequel in the worksThis Weeks Virtual Console ReleasesBargain and CompsWhat We've PlayedQuestions Support the show
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...Cab Fees 36:48 - Unoclay - Rive, Chibi-Robo 55:33 - Announcements 1:05:41:00 - Sega Collection, Virtual Console Coming or No? 1:11:34:00 - Nintendo Controller History
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...about such as Nintendo giving up on manuals, New Super Luigi U’s retail disc and Virtual Console releases, and a Hot Topic of what we want to see at E3. Daniel also...
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...off we talk a bit about how we've found the Wii U system update and Virtual Console that's come along with it, Miiverse breaking out of the confines of the Wii U...
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