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This week on the show, Damian is joined by, former d.b.s. vocalist and producer of tons of amazing bands, Jesse Gander. Sit back as Damian gusts to...
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Big Band Serenade Vocalist from 1942-1944 play (Photo Dooley Wilson)list: 1. Trav'lin Light 1942, Paul Whiteman&Billy Holliday 2. Just...
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...discuss the tragic loss of Chris Cornell before going through our audience poll for favorite vocalist picks as well as our own personal favorite vocalists.  Stick also reviews the 2017 WFMU...
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...out from the Rock and Roll Family Tree. Ray and Markus share their five favorite vocalists of the 80s. Be prepared for some surprises. We would love to know who your...
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Lisa talks with Jessie James Decker about how she is evolving as a vocalist, growing up in different places as a “military brat,” how grateful she is for her...
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