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Securing Public Spaces, Super Wealthy Asians

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What it means to be wealthy in LA

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...the world. One prominent columnist dismissed the whole thing as "another cheap shot at the wealthy," while other people are asking why this story isn't causing riots in the streets.
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Flux : The Gist
...Andrew Cuomo still doesn’t understand puns. In the interview, Lauren Greenfield has been documenting the wealthy for the past 25 years and has finally turned that into her new film Generation...
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...joined by comedian Josh Macuga and writer/producer Duncan Birmingham to chat about rare dog diseases, wealthy app companies, and the Gruen Effect!
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...both the Liberal party and very significant sections of the business community aligned with very wealthy plutocrats who are driving far harder for a much stronger and bigger and more powerful...
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Matthew Klam: Who Is Rich?

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Flux : Bookworm
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Danny Pudi

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
...cast in mint condition! Also, he's hilarious and awesometastic. PLUS! Bollywood explained! Human blood trucks! Wealthy lobsters! And the mystery of Ponrichard!!
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Martin Freeman, from 'Hobbit' to 'Ghost Stories'

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...“Black Panther.” His new film, “Ghost Stories,” is a horror anthology -- he portrays a wealthy businessman haunted by a poltergeist.
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Lead poisoning hits LA County

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...areas with even higher rates of lead contamination, and in places you wouldn’t expect, like wealthy San Marino.
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...1892, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's trip to the New World, a wealthy New Yorker invited Antonin Dvorak to visit America. Tchaikovsky, Albeniz, and Delius were among the...
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How common is domestic abuse?

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...physical and emotional abuse. Domestic violence affects women across the board. We talk with a wealthy, Harvard-educated woman who was married to an abusive man.
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Wealthy white residents are trying to secede from East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. The Atlantic’s Adam...
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Canada’s prime minister is accused of pressuring his attorney general to go easy on a wealthy corporation, and two cabinet officials resigned in protest. With an election mere months away, can...
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...take us inside the world of NOLA gold-digging and the sexual "appetites" of the super wealthy. Broadcaster [David Kunian][link2] and band [Vox and The Hound][link3] roll with it. Warning: explicit, but...
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