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Flux : CarStuff
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...and Sam Tilling (IPickle) 00:04:29 - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 announced 00:16:07 - NVIDIA Titan XP reviews and benchmarks 00:35:35 - Sponsor: Squarespace 00:37:12 - Sponsor: Lynda.com 00:40:10 - Microsoft pitches...
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...Ghost and JJMC89 00:07:44 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 00:22:46 - NVIDIA Announces the Titan XP 00:38:30 - Sponsor: iFixit 00:41:16 - Sponsor: Ministry of Supply 00:43:46 - Facebook wants to...
...and FFG Freelancer, Keith Kappel, to dig deep into the mysteries and conundrums of High XP play. Not only do we talk about what High XP play means, but we provide...
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#276 The Vaselines & Opinions on Lupe Fiasco

jimdero@jimdero.com (Sound Opinions)
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FreaXity #01

Steve, Bruno, Sam, Bunny, Florent, Corwin, Nonö.
...nous parlons d’horreur ! Et pour commencer tout en douceur, enfin si on veut, Laure, XP et Steve vont faire un petit état des [...]
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Episode Postponed

My Dad Wrote A Porno
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FreaXity #02

Steve, Bruno, Sam, Bunny, Florent, Corwin, Nonö.
Et pour ce deuxième numéro de FreaXity, le podcast où nous parlons d’horreur, Laure, XP et Steve vont s’attaquer à une des marottes des films de genre : le remake...
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...T-Shirt Update Clips Mac Pro OSNews rumors Lance Ulanoff Gruber iMac Pro Rumor NVIDIA Titan Xp Apple moves away from Imagination Technologies GPUs Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Marco convinces...
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Flux : Girl In Space
...comprehension is not required, Officer — only your compliance." What did the Caldwell Enterprises team expect to find when they set out toward the Cavatica? Find out in PRELUDE TO MUTINY, a...
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...and MOS Pack GRANDE on Kickstarter at http://geni.us/VOHK3U LTX: Learn more about LTX 2018 at https://www.ltxexpo.com/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thewanshow/tec... Forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/... Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89. 00:03:38 - Tech YouTubers accused of not...
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Season 5 Episode 22 - The House Rule Rules

shows@rpgcircus.com (RPG Circus)
...Companies Stopped Printing RPGs Jay's House Rules List Alternative dice pools Players roll AC "saves" XP Advance to the story - Just go up a level when appropriate in the story,...
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