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Finders Keepers Records

Finders Keepers Records
Behold Finders Keepers, a British record label, 4…
Behold Finders Keepers, a British record label, 40 years in the making, introducing fans of psychedelic / jazz / folk / funk / avant-garde and whacked-out movie musak to a lost world of undiscovered vinyl artifacts from the annals of alternative pop history. Catering to record collectors and DJ-producers alike with a huge emphasis on sample friendly soundscapes, rocksteady back-beats and primitive electronic experimentalism. Discerning purveyors of the bizarre and abnormal should expect the Japanese choreography records, space-age Turkish protest songs, Czechoslovakian vampire soundtracks, Welsh rare-beats, bubblegum folk, drugsploitation operatics, banned British crime thrillers and celebrity Gallic Martini adverts... presented on CD, 7" and traditional black plastic discs in authentic packaging. Following in the very same footsteps as the mind boggling "Music To Watch Girls Cry" and "Songs In The Key Of Death" mix CDs for Fat City Records and the original 5-star rated Finders Keepers compilation LP in 2001, Manc-based vinyl-vulture, recording artist and record producer Andy Votel enlists the skills of fellow B-Music DJ and Rare Disc Detective Doug Shipton to form a team of psychedelic librarians and cosmic-pop-quiz-elitists to run their new Twisted Nerve distant sister-label, leaving no progressive pebble unturned or record collection un-rifled. Future compilations and re-issues will feature collaborative curators such as David Holmes, Cherrystones and Bob Stanley and further contributions from mystery A- / B+ pop-celebrity fanatics of outsider music and ultra-rare bakelite discs. Finders Keepers is an 'accidental world music label' with a punk aesthetic and DJ friendly ethos which allows the desperate listener to sit back while we deliver schizoid cultural channel-hopping compilations and rocking-horse-shit & hen's-teeth re-releases to the comfort of your psych-starved living room...
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Jul's Progkast Radio Podcast
Progkast features independently produced/distribu…
Progkast features independently produced/distributed artists as well as some artists on small record labels. I scour the internet to bring you some of the best obscure and underground music that you've never heard before. I include all sub-genres of Prog including Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Symphonic, Metal, Fusion, Medieval, Electronic, and Experimental, amongst others. Please like and or follow Progkast and Prog Rock Nation on facebook to keep tuned in for updates, show times/changes and special announcements. :D Progkast is hosted, curated, and produced by Julie Sanchez, curator/host/DJ of Prog Rock Nation on KTAL-LP, 101.5 FM Las Cruces, NM, and former Freeform DJ at KUNM, Albuquerque, NM. Music for this podcast is sourced from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Free Music Archive, Soundclick, Patreon, Magnatune, and Facebook, among other sources. Any music that is not Creative Commons is played with special permission directly from the artists. Artists, please feel free to send your music for consideration on Progkast and Prog Rock Nation :D Please consider contributing to the Progkast patreon site (link on Soundcloud page)to keep these shows hosted on Soundcloud. Note: This is Julie from Progkast. I hosted this all independent podcast regularly from 2016 to 2018, and have done occasional shows since then (2 in 2019). I will continue to do occasional episodes as well as more regular installments in a couple of years. Until then, head over to lccommunityradio.org for my all encompassing weekly Prog Rock show, Prog Rock Nation which has several Independent artists in each show along with newer well known Prog artists and Classic Prog. Check out www.facebook.com/progrocknation for show times, upcoming shows and detailed playlists after the show :D A month or two after the initial broadcast date, Prog Rock Nation is posted on Mixcloud at mixcloud.com/prog_rock_nation .
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Animation Hotline

Clemence Bragard
A voicemail for lonely animators | Une messagerie vocale pour animateurs isolé.e.s
Animation Hotline is a voicemail for lonely animation filmmakers. The cancellation of so many festivals this year has stopped happy spontaneous discussions. I wanted to hear and share news from those animation creators, giving them the opportunity to leave a message, without any pressure. Animation Hotline c'est une messagerie vocale pour animateurs et animatrices isolé.e.s. L'annulation de trop nombreux festivals cette année a coupé court aux heureuses discussions spontanées. J'ai eu envie de prendre et de donner des nouvelles de ces créatrices et auteurs d'animation, en leur laissant la liberté de s'exprimer sans pression de l'immédiateté.
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Ghetto Funk
Roast Beatz has a long history in radio and now as a podcast host. Cutting his teeth on London's infamous pirate radio station Itch FM he went onto HHB online radio. After taking a break for a few years he willingly took on the task of creating the Ghetto Funk podcast. Achieving 12 episodes and 20,000 subscribers things changed a little. Following the birth of Cuttin’ It Fine it organically switched to the Cuttin' It Fine Podcast. Offering monthly slabs of hourly content, showcasing current sounds ranging from Hip Hop to Funk, House to Drum and Bass. Guest DJ’s pop along to keep the vibes different alongside the familiar personality of your host with the most Roast Beatz, bringing his usual up tempo light hearted intro’s and skilled mixes. It’s the only podcast you need to subscribe to.
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Yokoji Zen Dharma Talks

Tenshin Fletcher Roshi
Monthly Dharma talks by Tenshin Fletcher Roshi from Yokoji Zen Mountain Center
Monthly Dharma talks by Tenshin Fletcher Roshi at Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center. Yokoji is a year-round Zen Buddhist Training Center in the Southern Californian mountains.
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Retro Rework Remix House
Official Arron Virx I have a passion for music with 16 years of experience as a DJ & Producer.
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My New Year Mix 2K19 by DJ T'NG
My New Year Mix by DJ T'NG Facebook: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/DJTNG/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/djtng Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dj_tng/
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De la nouveauté chez les 14 Affranchis: les podcasts font leur apparution. 3 mordus de NBA ont crées les Af « franchises » NBA.
Un retour sur les matchs de la semaine, des avis sur les récompenses personnelles ainsi qu’un lourd débat sur deux monstres de la ligue Americaine de Basket et un quiz seront au programme dans chaque podcast. Vous pourrez les retrouver sur YouTube, Spotify, ou sur AppleMusic Enjoy the game podcast 29/03 : 1.09 : Extrapasse Clippers 3.38 : NBA paris 5.51 : Devin Booker (50 pts back to back) 8.32 : bataille pour les playoffs 11.38 : Coach de l’année 13.44 : DPOY 17.46 : 6th man of the year 20.26 : ROY 28.24 : MIP 33.57 : MVP 44.25 : one vs one 1.09.18 : quizz
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Marty et Dany
une conversation perturbée sur la musique électro à Podcast sur Yvette
Salut les podcastonautes Bienvenue dans notre production Oh Yeah qui traite de musique électronique. La dernière Rave avant la fin du monde va avoir lieu près de Podcast sur Yvette et Dany avait besoin d’une petite remise à niveau avant d’aller se plonger dans la fiesta. Marty un ancien teufeur s’est téléporté chez lui pour lui venir en aide et va nous parler de son expérience.
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In The Mix

Oh Yeah
Bienvenu aux podcast de dj ftoto & dj somix, du 100% electro-house rien que pour vous
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CiTR -- The Morning After Show

CiTR & Discorder Magazine
The Morning After Show with Oswaldo Perez Cabrera every Tuesday. Playing your favourite songs for more than 15 years. Eclectic show (Ska, reggae, shoegaze, indie pop, noise, etc) with live music, local talent and music you won't hear anywhere else....
The Morning After Show with Oswaldo Perez Cabrera every Tuesday. Playing your favourite songs for more than 15 years. Eclectic show (Ska, reggae, shoegaze, indie pop, noise, etc) with live music, local talent and music you won't hear anywhere else. The morning after what? whatever you did last night.
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Cosmic Pleasure Market but All for Free ! (Stoner Rock Psyche selections in Podcasts)
Emission de radio dédiée reflétant mon amour pour le Stoner / Rock / Doom / Psyche. Diffusée en direct les jeudis soirs dans la région Lyonnaise sur SOL FM (100.7 FM).
Elle est enregistrée et podcastée, afin d'être partagée.
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Edmond Dantès, a young seaman with a promising future, is arrested at his wedding ceremony under calomnious charges, and locked up in the Chateau d’If for 14 years. During this...
Edmond Dantès, a young seaman with a promising future, is arrested at his wedding ceremony under calomnious charges, and locked up in the Chateau d’If for 14 years. During this time, he secretly meets another detainee, l’Abbé Faria, an erudite believed to be insane, who becomes his friend and teacher, and who, upon his death, gives Edmond the secret to a hidden treasure. Dantès then manages to escape, almost drowning in the process, and is believed by all to be dead. With the knowledge and the treasure transmitted by l’abbé Faria, and his own wish for revenge, Edmond Dantès plots the downfall of his enemies under the identity of the Count of Monte-Cristo. Summary by Jc Guan.
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Jeremie Grima
La fin du monde : ils ont une place dans le Metal Bunker mais ne pourront prendre avec eux que 3 albums. Lesquels choisiront-ils ?
METAL BUNKER est un podcast audio dans lequel Jérémie Grima reçoit, à chaque épisode, un(e) musicien(ne) de la scène Metal qui vient parler des 3 albums sans lesquels il (elle) ne pourrait pas vivre. Sont passés par le Metal Bunker : * Nasty Samy (The Black Zombie Procession) * Antony Josse (Headcharger) * Jeff Grimal (The Great Old Ones) * Boris (Monkey3) * Arno Strobl (Rock Hard) * Guillaume Bernard (Klone) * Kathy Coupez (Dylath Leen) * BST (Aosoth) * Harun Demiraslan (Trepalium) * Fred Patte-Brasseur (Ataraxie) * Fabrice Loez (SUPuration) * Ulrich Wegrich (Otargos) * Gerald Milani (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre) * Alex Colin Tocquaine (Agressor) * Olivier Badin (Noise, Hard Rock Mag) * Elie Hellbats (Hellbats) * Olivier Gabriel (Benighted) * Mathieu Pascal (Gorod) * Vs Greg (Vs Webzine) * Johan Sébenne (Year Of No Light) * Max Otero (Mercyless) * JB Le Bail (Svart Crown) * Philippe Courtois (Misanthrope) * Luiss Roux (Hacride) * Pierrick Valence (Phazm) * Pierre-Jean Lokurah (Lokurah) * Alain Clément (No Return) * M.CU! (Kicking Records, Kicking Radio) * Mobo (Conkrete Studio)
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Funky beats, rhymes from the soul & street life
Ones in a million to truely love soul music & all black musics. And Like a temple guard, years by years, by trying to find the perfect loop, we achieved a awesome collection of sounds & tracks. Now we offer you the opportunity to listen to selected ones, our favorites, from the greatest to the undiscovered. Our greatest hope is that you'll enjoy the Food 4 Your Soul series.
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