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SciFi Diner Podcast

Scott Hertzog
Serving up Science Fiction from here to the end of the universe.
Weekly, the Scifi Diner Podcast provides a menu of genre news, trivia, listener's thoughts and conversations, and interviews from the people who make Science Fiction happen (celebrities like Amanda Tapping, Edward James Olmos, LaVar Burton and New York Times bestselling authors such as Scott Sigler, Timothy Zahn, and Alan Dean Foster). Come in, pull up a chair, and join the conversations.

Shadows In The Void

Dead End Fred
Shadows In The Void, a highly corrosive podcast loaded with despair, anger, angst and violence, provided by your epileptic host : Dead End Fred.
Shadows In The Void, a highly corrosive podcast loaded with despair, anger, angst and violence, provided by your epileptic host : Dead End Fred.
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Deathpunk talk for Bad Mongos.
Turbojugend Radio is a podcast that gets you up-to-date on all the news and gossip surrounding Turbojugend and its worldwide activities. From the rear end of Europe in Cologne, Germany, Tschebesta, Turbojugend Søngerknaben Wien, broadcasts this on-demand radio show on a monthly basis in a audio-magazine that covers various regular segments such as in depth discussions on more or less important topics that penetrate not only our minds. Apart from that, Tschebesta talks to Jugend members from all countries and continents, to widen our individual denim horizons and help spreading the news about the very best TJ activities around the globe.
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Sasuke Uchiha made many mistakes throughout Naruto. In his search for revenge, he opted to do anything that would give him more power. Sasuke walked down the road of darkness and became a villain in many ways. Despite that, by the end of Naruto Sasuke was ready to atone for all of his wrongdoings and was willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of the Leaf Village. One way he atoned was refusing the medical process that could restore his arm. He decided to let his physical loss remain as a reminder of his failures. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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Juke In The Back

Matt The Cat
The Soul That Came Before Rock n' Roll
At the end of the Second World War, economics forced the big bands to trim their once great size and thus, the Jump Blues combo was born. Between 1946-1954, rhythm and blues laid the tracks for what was to become Rock n’ Roll. So how come, 75 years later, this vibrant and influential music is still so unknown to so many? Matt The Cat is going to change that with the radio program, “Juke In The Back.” These were the records that you couldn’t hear on the jukebox in the front of the establishment. To hear all this great 1950s rhythm & blues, you had to go to “Juke In The Back.”
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If There Is Hell Below... Arkive

If There Is Hell Below
Two Best Friends Playing Their Favourite New Songs
Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley present weekly new music podcast If There Is Hell Bellow... 'Two Best Friends Playing Their Favourite New Songs'. Established in 2010 ya boys have been bringing their own brand of badinage and deeply dug new music picks to the world of podcasting. ITHB is now exclusive to Spotify, so check out future episodes over on Spotify and on anchor.fm/ithbpodcast This feed will remain open, for a limited time, as an Arkive for you to delve back over the last few years of ITHB. 'On the Ark with…' is a brand new podcast from the boys who gave you the If There Is Hell Below. In each episode Rob and Callum invite one of their favourite artists onto their mythical ark; a huge vessel prepped for the end of the world and with your hosts as Co-Captains they welcome their new ship mates. Over drinks they ask the people who make the music what songs and albums have made them the musician, artist and person they are.
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Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book "A Little Princess" begins as seven year old Sara Crewe is dropped off at a boarding school by her rich father. She has grown up in India and has lived a very pampered life...
Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book "A Little Princess" begins as seven year old Sara Crewe is dropped off at a boarding school by her rich father. She has grown up in India and has lived a very pampered life. Even though she is rich, she is very friendly to everyone and the students all love her. Unfortunately, the woman in charge of the school does not like Sara and when her father dies on a business trip, the head mistress is angry that she will not get the money she is owed for Sara’s care. She makes her live in the attic with the maid and to do chores to earn her keep at the school. Sara is mistreated, but still remains kind to others and helps anyone she can. One day, Sara finds some money and buys some food from a bakery. When the baker sees her give away most of the food to a beggar girl, he believes Sara is a princess and invites the little beggar girl to live with his family. Sara continues to teach the smaller children and withstands the abuse from the adults around her. When a strange man moves into the house next door, Sara becomes friends with his servant. He is impressed with how kind she is and is angered about her treatment at the school. He secretly sends her food to help her in some small way. Eventually, Sara discovers something very important about the man who is helping her. A Little Princess is an amazing book that proves again that dreams can come true. It also shows that even when life is not going the way you would like it, you should still treat others the way you want to be treated. The end of the story is very satisfying, but readers will want to know more about this special little girl.
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Parlons d'Endo

Tiphaine Chaillou
Parlons d'Endo, c'est le podcast qui soutient le quotidien des femmes atteintes d'endométriose. Tiphaine Chaillou sillonne la France et part à la rencontre de femmes, de médecins, de spécialistes qui l’aident à mieux comprendre l’endométriose.
Les mois passent et les douleurs sont de plus en plus fortes pour ces femmes à qui on n’a jamais parlé d'endométriose. Elles ignorent tout de la maladie à commencer par son nom, et ce malgré leurs dizaines de visites chez différents spécialistes. Au début, elles se contentent d'anti douleurs, se traînent à leurs activités quotidiennes, s'efforcent de vivre normalement, mais les douleurs deviennent de plus en plus aigües, les règles hémorragiques, la détresse grandit, la solitude se fait souvent sentir et parfois la grossesse n'arrive pas. C'est bien normal, les nodules sont en train de grossir et d'enflammer les zones concernées. Un jour, le mot est mis sur la douleur, la fatigue chronique, les symptômes étranges et c'est le choc : ENDOMETRIOSE. Elle était là depuis leurs premières règles ... Certains disent qu'on en parle beaucoup mais 180 millions de femmes qui se réveillent ça peut faire du bruit. Il faut parler d'endométriose pour que les choses changent, c’est un grand combat de femmes à mener !
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Gilles Veinstein is a professor at the Collège de France in Paris and a directeur d'études at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales His researches deal with political practices and ideology, economy and society in the early Ottoman Empire, until the end of the 18h c., with a special emphasis on the analyses of the Ottoman archivistic material. He has edited Mehmed Effendi. Le paradis des infidels (Paris: Maspéro, coll. « La Découverte », 1981). Along with numerous other works he is the author of L'Empire ottoman et les pays roumains 1544-1545 (with M. Berindei) (Paris and Cambridge MA: EHESS and Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 1987), État et société dans l'Empire ottoman. La terre, la guerre, les communautés, (London: Variorum, 1994), Le serail ébranlé (with Nicolas Vatin) (Paris: Fayard, 2003), L' Europe et l'Islam. Quinze siècles d'histoire (with Henry Laurens and John Tolan) (Paris: Odile Jacobs, 2009. A volume is now under press collecting a selection of his articles under the title Autoportrait du sultan ottoman en conquérant. ). He is the editor of the journal Turcica.
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