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Pod To Pluto

Cornucopia Radio
A scifi comedy audiodrama about a space engineer and a sarcastic AI on a 4 billion mile trip to Pluto to go turn off a lightbulb
Space. The final job before I quit. These are the voyages of 'UK Space Agency Engineering Pod Number 46'. My five-year mission: to explore the ten square metres I’m trapped inside, seek out Pluto and boldly go switch off a lightbulb. If it's still on... Welcome to our new scifi comedy audiodrama ‘Pod To Pluto’ and say hello to ‘Jemima Belafonte’ and her ‘Pod’ computer. As they try and keep each other company during a very long 4.6 billion mile trip to Pluto. Written by Peter Richard Adams. Starring Laura England and Wayne Russell.
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La Gazette du Sorcier
Passe tes BUSEs d'abord !
Explorer le monde de Harry Potter autrement, avec le regard académique d'universitaires et divers spécialistes de toutes disciplines.
Mots-clefs : Gazette,ASPIC,Harry Potter
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Ambient Soundbath Podcast

Universal Mind/ Matt Borghi
Ambient Music Podcast for Thinking and Being
About The Ambient Soundbath Podcast was designed to give listeners a space for thinking and being. Whether listening with headphones or in the open air, the Ambient Soundbath Podcast aims to create a timeless listening experience for contemplation and relaxation. The Ambient Soundbath Podcast features the music of Matt Borghi and is produced and distributed by Universal Mind from East Lansing, MI.
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Un été en super héros
Ils ont marqué notre culture populaire, de Batman à Spider-Man, des Avengers aux Tortues Ninja¿ 35 portraits de super-héros signés Jean Zeid.
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