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Jenna and Bodhi Elfman discuss marriage, life and annoyance. Not in that order.
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Punk Boss Radio - Can your heart STAND IT?!
The new home of "RADIO NAPALM with your host, TIM NAPALM!" An hour of primal scream rock 'n' roll every week! Punk rock, garage rock, glam, Britbeat, rockabilly, blues, soul, reggae, and whatever else host Tim Napalm pulls from his record crates! Plus loads of screaming and echo and ancient commercials and radio jingles, and PURE ENERGY! 50 years of punk rock history, brought to you through the kind auspices of PodOMatic and Plowboy Records of Nashville, TN!
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Every Tuesday at 9:00pm on luxuriamusic.com
Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff......50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming...
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Aphotic Zone

Thomas JUDES
Aphotic Zone is an acclaimed science-fiction/thriller/action-packed audio blockbuster, throwing a light on the silent pollution of the Abyss.
SYNOPSIS A guard based on a military outpost of a border. Some gunshots. Screams. An unexpected incident. Which will have us follow a scientist (Paul), a female-sergeant (Elena) and her soldiers, on the tracks of a mysterious species, unlike any other. With only audio recordings of what has happened. Leading us straight to the aphotic zone of the oceans... the depths at which light does not enter.
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Radio FMR
L'univers des musiques parallèles/The Universe of Parallel Music
"MIRAGE" (L'UNIVERS DES MUSIQUES PARALLELES/THE UNIVERSE OF PARALLEL MUSIC) ET TOUS LES JEUDIS SUR LA DAB + OU SUR LE STREAMING DE FMR /AND EVERY THURSDAY ON THE RADIO FMR INTERNET STREAMING. MIRAGE est l'émission radio de plus de 2 heures sur la musique électronique/synthé allant de la musique planante, progressive, expérimentale ou concrète … et bien d'autres où l'on pourra écouter des artistes et groupes, célèbres ou inconnus. Mais c'est également la musique de films qu'elle soit électronique ou orchestrale. "Mirage", it's the brand-new over 2 hours French radio show about electronic/synth music from floating music, progressive, expermental, Electroacoustic to the most structured … It's also film music soundtracks electronic and orchestral. Bref que des musiques que l'on ne passe jamais sur les radios françaises depuis plus de 30 ans.C'est pourquoi ce sont des musiques parallèles. So only music that aren't aired on French radios for over 30 years. That's why it's called Parallel Music.
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