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A Weekly Program Celebrating the Greatest Songs from the Broadway Stage
Hosted by Laurence Maslon, BROADWAY TO MAIN STREET is a weekly radio program devoted to the greatest songs of the American Musical Theater. Originating from WPPB 88.3FM on Long Island's East End, each weekly episode celebrates the shows, stars, songwriters, and cultural phenomena that makes Broadway a legendary place. Music taken from classic original cast albums, film, cabaret, rare recordings, and unique interpretations, with commentary, guest appearances, and news from Broadway.
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Humanity's last defense against the remake!
They are in your theaters, they are in your neighbors homes, and even your own. They have come to destroy your childhood and ruin your future. Only one podcast can protect you from the Invasion of the Remake! Invasion of the Remake is a weekly podcast with hosts Jason, Trish and Sam exploring the cinematic remake. We discuss films that have been remade for better or worse. We will also find those films with a nugget of a good idea that may be worthy of an updating for a new audience with our own unique ideas and cast to throw into the mix.
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Anthology is a podcast exploring science fiction anthology television from TV's first golden age beginning with The Twilight Zone. Each week, join host Matt Hurt (The Obsessive Viewer podcast) as he discusses the plot, themes, and trivia of an episode of The Twilight Zone as well as how he felt as a first time viewer of the show. Classic TV shows planned for future seasons of the podcast include The Outer Limits, Tales of Tomorrow, Science Fiction Theatre, Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond, The Ray Bradbury Theater, and more. Bonus episodes are also planned for modern sci-fi anthology shows like Black Mirror, Dimension 404, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, and Jordan Peele's 2019 reboot of The Twilight Zone. Proudly presented by ObsessiveViewer.com.
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Weekly Movie/TV Review & Discussion Podcast
Join hosts Matt, Tiny, and Mike as they talk about their love of movies and television. Each episode covers a specific topic (be it genre, trope, movie or show) and then ends with a "Potpourri" section where the hosts discuss what they've been watching lately or are looking forward to watching in the future. Past topics include Nickelodeon in the 90s, Notable Movie Theater Experiences, TV One Season Wonders, TV Dads, War Movies, Car Movies, and Teen Coming of Age Movies. The hosts also do occasional retrospective episodes that have covered the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, the career of Adam Sandler, and the entire Halloween film franchise, to name a few. The podcast also features occasional interview episodes and live recorded episodes from Indianapolis conventions like Indy PopCon, and Starbase Indy. The podcast also hosts a live event every October in Indianapolis celebrating the horror genre and local filmmakers called Shocktober in Irvington.
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Gay Girls in Paradise

Théâtre Électrique
Mars Underground :: ©MaasNeotek.com :: 2038 RA
Théâtre Électrique presents :: War of the Worlds :: Death Radio See Radical Gay Girl Robots enslaved by the greed of the capitalist class in the future city of Kraken Mare :: Mars Underground :: 2038 RA
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Morons Who Try To Talk Good

Morons Who Try To Talk Good
Three girls who have no idea what they are doing
We are three twenty-somethings who have been best friends since middle school. Here to talk to you about current events, pop culture, theatre, board games and basically whatever else we want!
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All The Best

FBi Radio
New Australian Storytelling
All The Best is for new Australian storytelling. Hear from a Melbourne-based cannibal, how the Australian Wallabies used theatre workshops to improve their game, anxiety attacks in a Tantric sex class, and what the shopping centre Santa Claus is really thinking, all on All The Best. We're a weekly radio show and podcast produced at FBi Radio in Sydney in association with SYN and Triple R in Melbourne, and broadcast nationally via the Community Radio Network. We’ve been telling stories in a variety of forms since 2011, picking a theme each week and using short form documentary, personal narrative, interviews, and spoken word to bring you the best from across Australia.
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France Culture
Théâtre Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.
Medium 78d58d13c788a9e2f34a15c44c4f06ce1160d1f7
Théâtre et compagnie
Redonner toute leur place aux grandes oeuvres. Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.
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Coup de théâtre sur RDL68 (103.5)

Comédie de Colmar - RDL68
Toute l'actualité de la Comédie de Colmar sur RDL68
Chaque semaine, Christine Huckel-Ottenwelter et Francis Fischer parfois accompagnés d'artistes invités, présentent l'actualité de la Comédie de Colmar dans l'émission COUP DE THÉÂTRE sur la radio colmarienne RDL68 (103.5)
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Les Voix du Havre

Ouest Track Radio
Romans, poèmes, théâtre, discours : les bibliothécaires du Havre sont allés à la rencontre des Havrais et leur ont proposé de lire à voix haute
Romans, poèmes, théâtre, discours : les bibliothécaires du Havre sont allés à la rencontre des Havrais et leur ont proposé de lire à voix haute un extrait de leur choix et de l’enregistrer à la radio. Un projet ouvert à tous, petits et grands à partir de 7 ans.
Medium 0b7a89ba74166fde577bf7268bb060bf7e025392
Laissez-vous Tenter
"Laissez-Vous Tenter" propose le panorama complet de l’actualité culturelle. Plusieurs chroniques chaque jour et une émission en bande chaque dimanche de 9h15 à 10h pour nous guider, informer et surprendre dans tous les domaines de la culture : cinéma, télévision, musique, théâtre, littérature et expositions… Laissez-vous Tenter par les passionnés : Anthony Martin, Chef du Service Culture, Steven Bellery pour la musique, Isabelle Morini-Bosc et Laurent Marsick pour la télévision, Stéphane Boudsocq pour le cinéma, Bernard Lehut pour les livres, Monique Younes pour le théâtre, la bande dessinée et les expositions
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Affaire critique

France Culture
Affaire critique
Littérature, théâtre, cinéma, arts plastiques, musique : dans son billet critique, Lucile Commeaux porte un regard tranchant et pétillant sur l'actualité artistique. Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.
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What You See

Charlotte Imbault
Des voix pour voir
What You See est un podcast réalisé par Charlotte Imbault qui donne à voir par une polyphonie de voix des récits de concerts, de pièces de théâtre et de danse, mais aussi des expositions, des installations, des films, des livres, des séries… Chaque épisode dure moins d'une dizaine de minutes et se renouvelle au fil des invitations.
Medium 4b08edbd80c095985ae595aab042c155e56cec18
Conta Monde FB Occitanie
Conta Monde, c'est l'actualité de la culture occitane. Musique, théâtre, expositions, festivals, pour tout savoir en français et en occitan avec Géraud Delbès. Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.
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