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Electronic Independent Music
Like the music Industrial, Dark, Electro, Ebm, Indus Techno, and likes making discover artists through mixes.
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Dazzle Dry Australia

Dazzle Dry Australia
Dazzle Dry Australia - AIR DRIES in 5 minutes -VEGAN - NO CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - No UV Light - NON TOXIC - Natural Nail Polish - WEARS LIKE SHELLAC REMOVES LIKE POLISH DazzleDry was created by BioChemist Vivian Valenty anc commenced in 2007. Operation in Australia was registered in 2015 Website : https://dazzledryaustralia.com.au/ Address : Unit 2 17 Marine Parade, Manly NSW 2095, Australia Phone : +61 0405 010 616
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Unbreak My Chart

Unbreak My Chart
The podcast that tapes the Top 10 and talks about it at school the next day, hosted by Fraser McAlpine and Laura Snapes. Email us! unbreakmychartpod@gmail.com Tweet us! csi_popmusic (https://twitter.com/csi_popmusic) + laurasnapes (https://twitter.com/laurasnapes) Nice stuff that smart people have said about UMC: "As pop critics, Snapes and McAlpine have plenty of background information and anecdotes to augment their rundown of the week’s chart. If only all playground debates about music had been so well informed." -- Caroline Crampton, The New Statesman (http://www.newstatesman.com/culture/podcasts/2017/04/how-podcasts-are-reviving-excitement-listening-pop-charts) "While the charts have become both confused and sidelined in recent years, they’re still an invaluable insight into the machinations of the music industry, something this pod proves in gratifyingly informed style." -- The Guardian Guide (https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2017/apr/07/the-10-best-things-to-do-this-week-syd-russell-brand-and-i-am-not-your-negro)
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We're Alive

Wayland Productions Inc
The survival continues… with “We're Alive: Descendants”
Listen to the entire epic series, which follows Survivors in Los Angeles after the world has been turned upside down.  It begins with “A Story of Survival” which spans from Chapters 1-48. Our survivors band together, fortify a safe haven known as the Tower, and discover that the Infected are far from the biggest threat they will have to face. The adventure continues with two mini-series: “Lockdown” - A small group of inmates and prison guards are trapped in the T-block at Twin Towers Jail. They are forced to work together and find a way to escape while the rest of the world ends around them. “Goldrush” - Set 17 years after the main events of “A Story of Survival”, this is a recollection story that describes the efforts of the four Soldiers as they attempt a side mission to retrieve a suspected stash of gold bullion. Our newest season is “We’re Alive: Descendants”: The story of survival continues; the fight is not over. 18 years after the Outbreak, the world is starting to re-organize and rebuild, but many different forms of humanity are still struggling to survive in the aftermath. Nicholas Tink grew up in the shadow of his father- the late, great, Saul Tink. Little does he know that deep in the places where infected dwell, another descendant lies waiting.  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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Dans ce podcast en 17 épisodes produit par NGroup (Nostalgie, NRJ, Chérie, Nostalgie+), la journaliste Leslie Rijmenams présente chacun des 17 objectifs de développement durable (ODD) de l’ONU en l’illustrant par les paroles d’une chanson connue de tous. L’ODD y est abordé sous plusieurs angles : la situation actuelle, les améliorations des dernières années et des pistes de solutions pour que chacun puisse agir à son échelle.


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Episode 47: 2020 #47

Noize In The Attic
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Episode 47: 2022 Ep.47

Noize In The Attic
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2019 #47

Noize In The Attic
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2018 #47

Noize In The Attic
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2017 #47

Noize In The Attic
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Episode 47

fhntalk@gmail.com (Tunacan Jones)
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Megawatt 47

Breeze & Maxwell Dillin
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ETI 47

Tiki Brian
The Exotic Tiki Island Podcast Show 47 - Mermaids visit the Enchanted Falls ETI Show 47 Track List: 1. Martin Denny Esq....
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Episode 47

Save It For The Breakdown
Hello Everybody! Welcome to Episode 47 of Save It For The Breakdown. This week The Gersch and I sit with our...
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Flux : Rock Solid
Pat & Gary explore the myriad ways artists can fill up a 3 minute and 47 second musical canvas. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Episode 47: Taito

legacymusichour@gmail.com (Brent Weinbach and Rob F. Switch)
Brent and Rob spend Episode 47 listening to music from legendary video game company Taito.  Great music, that's all!  Full track...
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Savage Kick #47

kopper@radiomutation.com (Køpper J. Kopp)
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Flux : Reply All