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Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast

Darcy Jeavons: Female Mixing Engineer
Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast
The Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast brings to your ears 4 songs created by 4 very talented females in 4 unique home studios. These ladies share their gear, technique, and secrets as to how they have achieved the great sound you have heard. The FME Podcast has been created to help and inspire YOU to make fantastic music in your home studio. Encouraging females to become more involved in the field of audio engineering, as well as entertaining everyone who searches for fabulous original music. You won’t just hear this music, you will feel it! Thank you for spending a few precious moments of your day here with us!
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Sean Vs. Wild

Sean Thriller Smith
Rock N Roll All Nite. Podcast Every Tuesday.
Recorded in kitchens, garages, and studio apartments all across the country, drummer of Uh Huh Baby Yeah and pop culture enthusiast Sean Thriller Smith takes on the wild world of podcasting with "Sean Vs. Wild". Party with Sean as he sits down with up-and-comers, current stars, and legends in the fields of music, movies, modeling, art, and entertainment to discuss life on the road, argue over movies, and deliver insights to influence and inspire others to follow their dreams. All while enjoying a cold beverage or two. Tune In and Wild Out!
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The podcast of the Eirecana Radio show. Dedicated to bringing you the best americana, alt-country, folk, and blues from Ireland
Each month the Eirecana podcast, hosted by Ron, will bring you a new episode showcasing the best americana, alt-country, folk blues and more from Ireland. Also featuring artists from outside Europe, the U.S. as well as the best American artists of the genre from further afield. Subscribe to stay updated on the best Irish radio show dedicated to americana music. Check out eirecana.com for more.
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Halshack Indie Rockcast

Halshack Indie Rockcast
100,000 plays on Fandalism! Lets rock on Podomatic!!
The #1 rated indie music podcast on the planet!! Halshack is up to over 80k subscribers now and can be heard on most major music platforms. We are broadcasted, played, streamed, downloaded, or aired in over 70 major US markets and over 70 countries around the world!! I work with top stars music projects (Stevie Nicks, Frankie Muniz, and Kesha) and have exclusive music and bands that only run under the Halshack promotional label and radio show. I am honored to have been bestowed with such gifted musicians and music and to be revered with such respect among my peers. Thanks so much for your love and support as we continue to rise to the top of the music industry. I am currently fielding investors and/or partners to make HALSHACK RECORDS a reality. Do you important big wigs in the industry want countless new hit songs to feed the masses. Well I only got about 400 across my shows that you know nothing about from top quality artists, as good as, or better, than today’s FM radio stars!!
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Field Music: Daylight Saving

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
Brothers Peter and David Brewis aka Field Music became nestled in a cocoon of creativity fueled by the demise of their small town,...
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“Orion From The Street” is a hazy heady prelude to a new studio album by Field Music
English rock band Field Music (led by brothers Peter and David Brewis) have released a new album, Flat White Moon,...
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Flux : Bigmouth
...you like your guitar music: unflinchingly realist with Teenage Fanclub or boldly avant garde with Field Music ? And is Sky’s much-touted new cop show Mare Of Easttown, starring a heavily de-glammed...
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Flux : Encore!
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...You've Got to Fins a Way Nad Sylvan- To a Child Dancing in the Wind Field Music - Orion From the Street Field Music- Out of the Frame Laura Meade- Burned at...
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You Tell Me: “Water Cooler”

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
Peter Brewis of Field Music and Sarah Hayes of Admiral Fallow team up as You Tell Me. Blending their distinct...
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...heard music by Thundercat, Genesis, Kate Bush, Dario Marianelli, North Atlantic Oscillation, TesseracT, Stevie Wonder, Field Music , Pinegrove, Rush, Valdez, Shineback, Freefall, Tinyfish, Tidehouse & Simon Godfrey .
Flux : RSS text feed
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...Tull, Fernando Perdomo, Flutatious, Peter Hammill, Mothertongue, Obiymy Doschu, Stefan Kaiser, The C:Live Collective, Supersister, Field Music , Discipline, Pendragon, Yello, Magic Pie, Syd Arthur, The Knells, Marcelo Paganini, Undertable Dreams, Weendo...