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Rock n Blues Today

Simone Bargelli
Blues Radio Show
HELLO GUYS!.. “Rock ‘n’ Blues Today” is one of the oldest blues radio programs in Italy. It’s been on-air since March 1989 on the Umbrian local radio station called RadioRCC. Every Tuesday and Friday (with its 180 minutes) the show gives its listeners the opportunity to find out the most recent releases in the independent blues music scene from delta blues to jump blues, from swing to soul, a little bit of jazz and rockabilly, too. In January 2006 “Rock ‘n’ Blues Today” has become a reporting station for the radio chart of Living Blues magazine. ….Simone Bargelli approaches his radio show with a serious love, respect and knowledge of the tradition of blues music. For blues lovers in Italy and everywhere, blues radio is in good hands with “Rock n Blues Today”. “Rock n Blues Today” is a creative force in blues-radio journalism, Bravo!.. TAD ROBINSON
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SciFi Onscreen - Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film Review

SciFi Onscreen - Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film Review
Deep analysis of Genre Film and TV
In this podcast I talk about science fiction, horror, fantasy and comic book filmed entertainment. Episodes of single films are done scene-by-scene. There also will be special edition episodes ranging on genre topics I find of interest. And also Original Vs. Remake episodes, where I compare original films with their remakes. Enjoy!
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Ici Venise

Ilona et Philippe Gault
Podcast by Ilona et Philippe Gault
🎙 Ici Venise est le premier podcast francophone sur Venise, depuis Venise par deux habitants de la ville, tour à tour amoureux de la ville, critiques, bienheureux, inquiets, (auto) ironiques et engagés. De l’actualité à l’Histoire, "Ici Venise" interroge les réalités et les mythes chers à Venise et aux Vénitiens. En duo père-fille : Ilona Gault (professeure de piano) et Philippe Gault (journaliste) 🎧Abonnez vous gratuitement au podcast et suivez nous sur Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/ici.venise/ ) et Twitter ( https://twitter.com/IciVenise ). Si "Ici Venise" vous plait, n'hésitez pas à partager le podcast sur vos réseaux sociaux et à en parler autour de vous :)
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La Fréquence de la Beauté
La beauté est dans nos mains... mais autour de nous, il y a du boulot ! Des sujets et des interviews pour ne pas se laisser impressionner par la laideur, et designer un futur qui aurait la classe. Retrouvez aussi la revue papier sur www.lavoixedition.fr ! En suivant ce lien : https://www.lavoixedition.fr/produit/il-disegno-revue-cd-audio-la-pluie-dete/
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Le streetcast de réflexion, d'humeur, de partage de FR_Jess
Je vis à Rome depuis 2010, après être tombée amoureuse. Ce streetcast me permet de partager mon quotidien, mes coups de coeur ou coups de gueule, mes envies, mes pensées et mes humeurs.


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Lost in Italy

Monocle 24
...images from Richard Serra’s debut solo show in Rome, which thread together the influence that Italy had on artists during this period. Robert Bound meets curator Francesco Bonami and gallerist, Alma...
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Citrus in Italy

Jeremy Cherfas
...questions I didn’t ask Helena Attlee when we met recently to talk about citrus in Italy, the subject of her new book The Land Where Lemons Grow. And not just lemons....
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Vegan in Italy

Food for Thought: How to Live Compassionately and Healthfully
Italy is one of my favorite places in the world - the people, the beauty, the...
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Celtic Italy #445

Marc Gunn, Don Grieve, Kyn, MaterDea, Connemara Stone Company, HEXPEROS, Doug Folkins
Italy too has a vast Celtic heritage. We’re gonna explore a tiny sampling of music from...
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Made in Italy, really!

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...food importing company Gustiamo talks about the fake and adulterated products passing as "Made in Italy", and shares her passion for keeping it real. Heritage Radio Network is a listener supported...
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Today, Italy expanded this weekend’s lockdown across the entire country. Sixty million people are now included in...
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Jonathan Gold Goes to Italy

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Evan Kleiman, Jonathan Gold)
Jonathan discusses his recent trip to Italy.
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Prepare to be swept away to the jewel of Italy: Venice. On this episode, Astrid profiles Venice as a destination for the solo traveler. Experience...
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39 - The Woman from Italy

Welcome to Night Vale
A woman from Italy arrived in our town, and we're not quite sure what she wants or what she...
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Since the country of Italy is damn near stuf down due the the coronavirus scare, PornHub is allowing the country...
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Episode 286: Lou DiPalo's Little Italy

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...Diane Stemple is joined by Lou Di Palo of Di Palo’s Fine Foods in Little Italy. Lou Di Palo travels to Italy several times a year to select the country’s best...
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Espresso is the canonical coffee of Italy, even though the original espresso was something entirely different. How did espresso happen? And what...