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Just Old Time Radio

Humphrey Camardella Productions
Just Old Time Radio
Just Old Time Radio takes you back to the early days of Radio and its wide varity of shows from the golden age of radio that will appeal to everyone young or old.
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All Nintendo. All the time!
Each week we discuss all things Nintendo! Past or present, good or bad. With Matt (The Devil's Advocate), Mike (The Angry Passionate), Eli (The Journalist), and Unoclay (The Retro) we cover topics from multiple perspectives! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMi4mr3EARTi5gupTu-JOMw Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustAnotrCastle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustAnotherCastle/
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Just Podcast
What Is a Podcast ? Podcasts have been a highly popular era maybe in recent 15-20 years abroad and the number of both audiences and programs has gradually increased. Even, it is possible to see the first samples at the beginning of the 2000s. However, its popularization has been taking place over the past several years. The most basic definition of a podcast can also actually be made in the form of "Audio blogging". Because each episode of the podcast actually discusses the various subject. The podcast consists of a combination of the words "live broadcast" (broadcast) and pod as a word meaning. In fact, it is a name that live recorded broadcasts are broadcasted in the desired time and media. However, it is completely related to iPod when its exit era is examined. Even though it is designed as listened from iPod, now it has reached the technology that can be listened to from every device. How Do You Do Podcast? Of course, in order to record a podcast firstly, decide to record a podcast and convince yourself that maybe very few people will listen to it in the beginning. After removing obstacles to the issue just now, there is indispensable on the line: equipment. The equipment issue is a little bit complicated. In other words, it may show an alteration in terms of the budget and quality the targeted of person. Of course, it is necessary to highlight that a person and an institution that aim to reach a high listening number have no luxury of broadcasting in low quality.   Source : podjust.com - podburn.com - podloves.com Other sites : https://podjust.com/uk - https://podjust.com/ru - https://podjust.com/tr - https://podjust.com/fi - https://podjust.com/fr - https://podjust.com/it - https://podjust.com/nl https://podjust.com/pl - https://podjust.com/pt - https://podjust.com/de See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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No Nostalgia, Just Mental
This is dedicated to those into the more mental side of rockabilly. Focusing on psychobilly, garage, mutant rockabilly, surf and cowpunk this is not for those just looking for some nostalgic rock and roll.
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Proving that Prog isn’t just for Dinosaurs.
Hello and welcome to the Live From Progzilla Towers Podcast – Proving that Prog isn’t just for Dinosaurs! Progzilla is a weekly radio show and podcast dedicated to new, forthcoming and recent releases, news, reviews, tour and release dates, interviews, competitions and much more from the world of Progressive Rock.