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...Galactica and compare it to th 1970's show. We also chat about scifi news including The Watchman , Stargate Universe, Kings, Heroes, Black Widow in Iron Man2, Chronicles of Riddick, and Star...
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Flux : Vinland Radio
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The Edge of Sleep

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To Strangle a Flamingo

Peach Fish Productions
Flux : The Gist
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#20-38: Send the Band Home, Pt.1

Sing Out! Radio Magazine
...John B” / Classic Maritime Music / Smithsonian Folkways Moving Star Hall Singers / “Ask the Watchman How Long” / Been in the Storm So Long / Smithsonian Folkways Wiregrass Sacred Harp...
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Aquaman, Joker, and more

DC Daily Drop - DCEU Movie, TV and comics news
...“Besides Jeffrey Dean Morgan Billy Crudup and Patrick Wilson in the DCEU anybody else from the Watchman cast you would like to see in the DCEU? for me Carla Gugino as Catwoman...
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232 Avengers Infinity War is...

232 Avengers Infinity War is...
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...transcript of the episode for you to read through as you listen: Alex:                 Who watches the Watchman and who watches you watching the Watchman? We watch you watch the Watchman right through...
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Flux : SpyCast
...Intelligence Council, Hutchings &. Treverton, eds. (OUP, 2019) Practice to Deceive, B. Whaley (NIP, 2016) The Watchman Fell Asleep, U. Bar-Joseph (SUNY, 2005) The Deceivers, T. Holt (Scribner, 2004) Deception 101, J....
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Medium 2cca17df93d829589edc5afb71f454923a3e232b