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Voice of the Arts

WQED Multimedia
Insights and anecdotes from musicians, dancers, artists, actors and directors, as well as audience response.
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Ben Birchall and Emily Naismith
A factual food fight podcast. Every episode, we p…
A factual food fight podcast. Every episode, we pick one ingredient and present three mind-blowing facts, anecdotes or uses for it. You get to decide who is the most interesting by voting on Instagram.
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Pink Matter

Pink Matter
Join Sam-Rae on her fortnightly podcast covering issues that relate to women from the trials and tribulations of dealing with men to personal issues such as closure and friendships. Giving their real, honest opinions and sharing some anecdotes of their own, no topic is too sensitive or taboo. Contact: pinkmattercontact@gmail.com
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Heritage Radio Network
Ferment About It! (Fuhmentaboudit!), aims to demystify the art of home fermentation with a primary focus on home brewing beer. Chris and Mary take listeners on a journey through fermentation, sharing history, practical methods, recipes and anecdotes from personal experience as well as from those of guest fermenters both amateur and pro.
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A Couple Cooks | Small Bites

Alex and Sonja Overhiser
Bite-sized food for thought
A Couple Cooks: The Podcast is a show celebrating the joy of home cooking. Hosted by husband and wife Alex and Sonja Overhiser from the nationally recognized food blog A Couple Cooks, the show explores how to cook seasonal produce at home and integrate delicious (and healthy) recipes into everyday life. Listen for fresh weekly recipes, kitchen tips, conversations from their popular blog series Healthy + Whole, and anecdotes behind the scenes in the A Couple Cooks kitchen. For more recipes, see www.acouplecooks.com and catch up with A Couple Cooks on Instagram and Twitter @acouplecooks.



KLEIST, Heinrich (von) – Anecdotes

...Dramaturge et novelliste allemand, Heinrich von Kleist eut aussi une activité de journaliste. Ces seize anecdotes parurent dans le Berliner Abendblätter, quotidien berlinois que Kleist avait fondé en 1810. Il y...
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Flux : Toku Podcast
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...sur de petits carrés de papier, les résultats de ses réflexions rédigées en maximes, les anecdotes qu’il avait apprises, les faits servant à l’histoire des mœurs, dont il avait été témoin...
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Flux : Toku Podcast
Holly Nielsen and Kate Gray discuss which Disney princess they resemble the most, public transport anecdotes and their new company ideas (#pringscits #somethingoldsomethingnewsomethingborrowedsomethingsegway).Drop us an email and tell us your best...
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Cette semaine, Jerr Allain nous raconte ses anecdotes flamboyantes et Sir Path fait son comeback avec Antoine. Enregistré le 9 juillet 2017.
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Cette semaine, nous recevons Dave Gaudet et il nous fait part de ses multiples anecdotes particulières. Bonne écoute! Enregistré le 31 août 2018.
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...the three p's ! and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week we remember the 3 most epic anecdotes...
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Episode 105 - Thief

Wham Bam Pow with Cameron Esposito
...Vaughn and MaxFun impresario Jesse Thorn join Rhea Butcher to swap Comic Con news and anecdotes. Plus, a review of Thief!
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Episode 3 : Le Ouija

elly@deltar.net (Dany Nadeau)
Flux : Freakquence
On y parle du jeu Ouija et de son historique. Le tout garni de quelques anecdotes. Ouija en mp3
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Gabrielle est là! Josianne est là! J’espère que vous êtes partants pour écouter des anecdotes de théâtre d’été et de rire en masse parce que cet épisode livre cette marchandise!...
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...FT du podcast La Vie Secrète Des Geekettes sont dans la place! On parle de: -Anecdotes de Bars -Leçons apprises sur internet -Pardonner une infidèlité! @VieDeGeekettes @3bieres www.3bieres.com www.facebook.com/3bieres
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Episode 4 : Rêves et cauchemars

elly@deltar.net (Dany Nadeau)
Flux : Freakquence
...du sommeil et de l'origine des rêves et des cauchemars. Le tout garni de quelques anecdotes. Rêves et cauchemars en mp3
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Wonderful! 77: Whistlin' Bulbasaur

wonderfulpodcast@gmail.com (Griffin McElroy)
Flux : Wonderful!
...open-ended dining arrangement! Rachel's new favorite pastry! Griffin's favorite form of self-awareness! Rachel's favorite personal anecdote! Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus - https://open.spotify.com/album/7n6zRzTrGPIHt0kRvmWoya