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Deep House Dublin Radio

Groovology Podcast by Viktor Marina
Deep House Dublin Radio
Bosnian born, Dublin based DJ and radio host Viktor Marina has been involved in electronic music since 2001, and a DJ since 2004. From being a music journalist through newspapers and radio, DJing to running a couple of club nights as a promotor. In 2015 Vik moved to Dublin, Ireland where have hosted a radio show called Groovology Session on Ireland’s no1 electronic music Radio station PHEVER Irl for 2 years. During that time his Groovology Podcasts Series (GPS), which was part of the show, have hosted guest podcasts and interviews from artists such as David Penn, Kora, Brian Cid, Just Emma, Robert Babicz, Igor Marijuan, Mathus Raman, Niki Sadeki and so on. Inspired with music platforms such as Deep House Amsterdam and Deep House London, in September 2017, together with his friend Kamil Ratajczak aka Fizzy Waters, have launched Deep House Dublin platform to showcase local Irish and international artists in their now famous Monday Facebook Live Stream. In only 6 months, DHD has grown into a respectable collective in Dublin with more and more gigs and residencies in some of the most prestigious clubs and venues in Dublin. His music styles varies from Deep Melodic, Italo to Nudisco. This podcast's purpose is to share music and positive vibes accross the globe. xxxxxxxxx CONNECT DEEP HOUSE DUBLIN FB_https://www.facebook.com/DHdublin IG_https://www.instagram.com/dhdublincity xxxxxxxxxxx VIKTOR MARINA FB_https://www.facebook.com/Viktor.Marina.Official IG_https://www.instagram.com/viktor.marina1 SC_https://@viktormarina TW_https://@vix_vixon
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...freak  SOLIDISCO Take It Back  DUCK SAUCE Anyway (DJ Dan & J Paul Getto Remix)  ANIKI omg (J Paul Getto Remix)  TOM FORESTER Feel Good            HOMERO...
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...Tamashii Nations and Bluefin SDCC 2018 exclusives, Power Rangers Beast Morphers at the Licensing Expo, Aniki Cosplay, Super Ninja Steel exclusive Mick figure, Power Morphicon Guest Announcements, and more!! Then we...
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Flux : Le 8/9
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Au Palais de la découverte

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musiques de Douro Faina Fluvial et Aniki Bobo
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Hier soir était projeté en Kantor Aniki Bobo de Manoel de Oliveira, et Hugo Chazal a accepté de revenir nous parler un...
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Niki de Saint Phalle

Flux : Toute une vie
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Flux : Toute une vie
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Flux : BadGeek
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Flux : Musiq'3
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Flux : La Caz' Retro
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...sur votre site préféré. En somme un … L’article Shmup’Em-All Extend N°3 – Les Chō Aniki du Shooting Gemu est apparu en premier sur Shmup'Em-All.