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Flashback Requests (Barry James)

Flashback Request Show (Barry James)
Tuesday Evenings, 9 pm - 12 midnight on Caroline Flashback
Barry first found music when he borrowed his sister's record collection when he was about eight and was hooked. When Caroline started it was a new beginning, and he listened to all the stations, but Caroline was his favourite by far. Later he became a singer in a band, then started doing discos when he was 18. He joined Caroline in 1977, touring the country with the Caroline Roadshow for 10 years, having great fun. Barry helped with tender trips and worked on the Ross Revenge in '84 and '85. He has done many RSL's with the station, and is very proud to be part of THE LEGEND. Barry has worked at Hastings Rock, XLfm in Ely, and Tulip Radio in Spalding. Barry is married to a very understanding wife, Bud, has 3 children and 5 lovely grandchildren. He says he will work for Caroline for as long as they want him – or can put up with him! LA. Barry now presents his own show on Friday mornings on the main channel, and rotates presentation duties for Flashback Requests on Tuesday evenings with Clive Garrard and Dave Foster. Send your requests during the show to: requests@carolineflashback.co.uk.
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Worst Foot Forward

Hosted by Ben Van der Velde and Barry McStay
Join Ben Van der Velde, Barry McStay and their gu…
An encyclopaedia of heroic failure Join Ben Van der Velde, Barry McStay and their guests as they brandish their wooden spoons of destiny and celebrate the losers, heroic failures and spectacular mis-steps that pockmark human endeavour. If you ever want to feel better about your progress in life, take a listen and enjoy a lovely schadenfreude bubble bath. Music by Max Perryment (www.maxperryment.co.uk) Donate to us via Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/WorstFootForward
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Head Room

Host/Producer Barry Smolin
Emanating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, Head …
Emanating from KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, Head Room is a wide-open venue for exploratory rock and roll, be it psychedelic pioneers such as the Grateful Dead, vintage prog, contemporary jam-rock, new music from myriad experimental, improvisational, accidental, avant-freak, wyrd-folk, and psychedelic cabaret artists or any other aural anomalies emanating from the nethersphere. Special emphasis is given to interesting offbeat local acts currently making the scene in Los Angeles.
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Le Cinq Sept du WE
Réveil en fanfare avec Dorothée BARBA
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Le Bar à Louisette

Le bar à Louisette
Le bar est ouvert : happy hour sur la pop-culture.
Happy hour sur la pop-culture! Prenez place dans le Bar à Louisette , taverne de joyeux drilles où l'on y jacasse et débat de pop-culture avec fièvre et ferveur. De Gandalf à Ulysse, de Goldorak à Salma Hayek, nos invités aussi magiques que bienvenus se bousculent au portillon. La direction du bar décline toute responsabilité quant aux spoilers et à la mauvaise foi des analyses proposées. Louisette derrière le comptoir, les piliers de bar sont Gaet (alias Furious Boy), Fred, et Stevaine (de la Fucking Kermesse).


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Notes: Live commentary from Gougane Barra, Ireland "Barrett's Privateers" "Skye Boat Song" "Fiddler's Green" from Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover's...
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GM wants to go all electric

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
General Motors CEO Mary Barra has launched an ambitious, and possibly financially risky, plan to shut down some smaller car...
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Flux : Up First
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#9 Celtic Christmas Music with Cleveland Celtic Podcast -

Marc Gunn, Siucra, Westside Steve Simmons, The Clumsy Lovers, Reilly, Wicked Tinkers, Emerald Frequency, Michael Crawley
...and Shannon Heaton, Westside Steve Simmons, Eileen Ivers, The Clumsy Lovers, Reilly, Wicked Tinkers, The Barra MacNeils, Emerald Frequency, Michael Crawley, Dervish, Cherish The Ladies, Brigid's Cross. "Christmas Comes But Once...
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Flux : 60MW
The artists and songs in this episode are: SOiL: Gimme Some Lovin' Kris Barras : Hail Mary Dead Man's Whiskey: My Year For the full podcast notes, please visit:...
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...Walking Blues John Mayall & Eric Clapton - Blues For The Lost Days (Live) Kris Barras Band – Kick me down - The Divine and Dirty – 2018 Buddy Whittington -...
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...Dardar – It is good to be king - Big Daddy Gumbo – 2018 Krisd Barras – watching over me - The devine and Dirty - 2018 Chris King Robinson –...
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...- Summer Rain – 2017 Bobby Thompson-Walk through the valley – Retrospect – 2017 Kris Barras band – I got time - Lucky 13 – 2016 Jimmy Barnes – Too much...
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Flux : The Gist
...research on the psychology of negative Internet comments. Then, in light of GM CEO Mary Barra’s testimony before the House on Wednesday, law professor David Luban explains why lawyers sometimes hide...
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Nothing But The Blues #368

Nothing But The Blues
...Bird Without A Feather); Blind Mississippi Morris (Lover's Moon); Sonny Boy Nelson (Pony Blues); Kris Barras Band (I Don't Want The Blues).
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Bluesmoosenonstop 1153

Blues Moose Radio
...Scherpenzeel band – Gamblin Girl - live in amsterdam at maloe melo - 2002 Kris Barras band – tearing me apart - Luvky 13 – 2016 Sugar Ray and the Bluetones...
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Bluesmoose 1076

Blues Moose Radio
...– 2015 Ben Poole –Time might never come - Time has come – 2016 Kris Barras band – I cant help you now - Lucky 13 - 2016 Connie Lush –...
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...Erickson - Understanding Robi Zonca – Save my Soul - So Good - 2010 Kris Barras Band – What you get - Light It Up - 2019 Guitar Shorty & the...
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...Robson- Don't Give up on the Blues Professor Louie & The Crowmatix-Funky Steampunk Blues Kris Barras Band - What You Get Dudley Taft - Simple Life Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band -...