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Brexit Podcast

Brexit Podcast
We want to offer you some much needed clarity on Brexit by bringing in the most straight-talking experts from all fields, as well as normal people from all walks of life and from both sides of the issue, to document a snapshot of public opinion about this generation-defining issue.
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L'avenir de la Grande-Bretagne dans l'UE suivi et analysé par Alex Seale
Le 23 juin 2016, 51,89% des britanniques ont choisi, par référendum, de quitter l'Union Européenne. Le 29 mars 2019, à la suite de longs mois de négociations, nous entrerons dans la dernière phase du divorce entre Bruxelles et Londres. Correspondant à Londres, britannique dans le sang, mais européen dans l'âme, Alexander Seale rebondit sur les récents évènements liés au Brexit.
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mode de vie
À l'heure où le Brexit approche, une Française de trente ans décide de tout plaquer ou presque pour partir vivre à Londres. Ses doutes, ses envies, ses coups de gueules, ses délires, ses astuces, elle partagera tout avec vous.
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Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher
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Talking Brexit

The Lawfare Institute
The British government is falling apart, Brexit talks are on the rocks, and into the maelstrom walks Donald Trump to walk in...
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Brexit Stage Right

Slate Podcasts
Flux : The Gist
On The Gist, teetering on the brink of a Brexit, a scrutiny of Team Leave’s propaganda. And a futile attempt to find out if Big...
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Losing the plot: Brexit

The Intelligence
...what does it mean for the risk of a no-deal outcome? The chances of a Brexit delay are rising by the day. Competition between major powers for influence in Africa is...
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...two main parties’ leaders are struggling to keep control. What does it all mean for Brexit, just a month away? As pharmaceutical companies defend their prices this week, we look at...
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Flux : Encore!
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...Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs, Leslie Griffiths, to our farm to talk all about the 'Brexit and our Land' consultation, and the future for Welsh farmers post-brexit..       Episode...
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Negotiations on Britain’s post-Brexit relationship with Europe were floundering—even before revelations it may essentially rewrite parts of the last...
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Flux : Planet Money
Brexit is like a breakup. So today, a divorce story in two acts. We hear from...
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Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, sparked widespread outrage by suspending Parliament in the run-up to Brexit. What recourse do lawmakers still have? Taiwan’s deal to buy American fighter jets reveals wide...
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Britain now has a new Brexit deadline: the end of October. But those negotiations magnified divisions within the European Union that...
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...minister as her deal to leave Europe was swatted down comprehensively—again. As a delay to Brexit looks likely, we ask what all the chaos reveals about how Brexit will ultimately play...
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...Theresa May is losing cabinet members left and right. She can’t figure out how to Brexit. BBC's Rob Watson says the UK's breakup with the European Union is turning into its...