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Musiques d'à côté

Le trottoir d'à côté
Vos productions musicales réalisés dans vos institutions
Vous faite de la musique, une chorale, du RAP etc... Retrouvez vos enregistrements dans ce podcast aussi éclectique que formidable.
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Team Cross-Média
Une thématique et ses incarnations à travers différents médias. C'est Cross-Média.
Chaque mois, nous revenons sur une thématique et ses incarnations à travers différents médias. C'est Cross-Média, un podcast choral et convivial (parole de geeks).
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Musique matin, samedi
1h30 de musique qui se transmet et se partage. Une matinale autour des pratiques amateurs, du chant choral, de la pédagogie et de la transmission. Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.
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Entre le rêve et la réalité

Chorale Paulette Billa
Comédie musicale en 5 épisodes
Cette comédie musicale est présentée par la chorale du collège Paulette Billa.
Mots-clefs : chorale,reve,comédiemusicale
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Steel City Men's Chorale

Voice of the Arts
Richard Teaster joins baritone Ryan Ricarte to discuss upcoming concerts, the Steel City Men’s Chorale and guest organist Nicholas Will  in Carnegie Pa on June 4th at 4pm with Chants...
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Rick Smith of the South Hills Chorale stopped by WQED-FM to tell us about the group - it's history, along with plans...
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Susan Medley of the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale stopped by WQED-FM to tell Anna Singer about the the Chorale's concerts this weekend.
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...the praises of Brahms' Schicksalslied which resembles the composer's German Requiem, and describes how Beethoven's Choral Fantasy was a prototype for the Ode to Joy. Medley also talks about the choir's...
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Pittsburgh Concert Chorale Music Director Katherine Mueller previews "The German Romantics," featuring choral works by Mendelssohn, Brahms and...
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Episode 98: 17098 Respighi: Choral Works

Classical Music Discoveries
...nativita del Signore, P. 166 La primavera, P. 136 Purchase the music (without talk) at: http://www.classicalsavings.com/store/p1301/Respighi%3A_Choral_Works.html Your purchase helps to support our show! Classical Music Discoveries is sponsored by La Musica...
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BBC Music Magazine Awards 2015: Choral

BBC Music Magazine Awards 2015: Choral
Three ages of British music are represented in the Choral category of this year's Awards, with works by Byrd, Elgar and Birtwistle. Hosted on Acast....
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This weekend, the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale presents Carl Orff's Carmina Burana - Friday February 28th at Ingomar United Methodist Church and...
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WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham talks to Richard Teaster, director of the Steel City Men's Chorale, about their upcoming concert on Sunday June 7th, 3pm, at First Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church....
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This holiday season includes three performances by the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale, Dec. 6, 7 & 8. Music Director Susan Medley talked with QED's Stephen Baum about...
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Susan Medley, Music Director of the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale, talks about the group; the importance of RAD funding to their organization; and previews their...
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...for him. A musical child, Whitacre has always been deeply moved by music, and by choral expression in particular. Composer of the Virtual Choir(s) as well as the film, “Deep Field.”...
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Susan Medley - Pittsburgh Concert Chorale - From Pittsburgh to Salzburg

Susan Medley - Pittsburgh Concert Chorale - From Pittsburgh to Salzburg
Dr. Susan Medley conducts the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale in "From Pittsburgh to Salzburg" with a preview of the program the tour party will...
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Classical Classroom, Episode 58: Non-Dangerous Lives of Choral Singers

Classical Classroom, Episode 58: Non-Dangerous Lives of Choral Singers
...voice is (very probably, we’re pretty darn sure) the first classical music instrument. Grammy-nominated producer, choral and orchestral instructor, and artistic director of Grace Song, Inc., Keith Weber takes us on a...