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Everything Old Skool with banter!
The #OldSkool Show by the DJ Fat Controller is a two hour weekly syndicated radio show on OSN Radio, Dream FM, Lazer FM, Facebook Live, You Tube Live, Periscope Live & Twitch TV Playing classic choonage from the golden Old Skool era of 88-95
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Seasons One through Three
CAALO XAN is a Sci-Fi Audio Drama with a Full Cast and Original Music. Set in a universe filled with strange worlds, colorful characters, and dangerous situations, it tells the story of a lowly smuggler who gets caught up in the struggles between a number of powerful individuals and organizations. You can follow these links to find out more: www.CaaloXan.com or www.patreon.com/caaloxan
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Si tu as les oreilles en feu, écoute parole de métaleux
Si tu as les oreilles en feu, écoute parole de métaleux ! Des interviews en podcast, des chroniques délirantes et beaucoup de folie.
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Le Podcast de Walter & Pompidou
Sons, musiques, folies, sketches, aventures et autres trouvailles.
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Jeunesse Artistique

Grégoire Cornilleau
Jeunesse Artistique, c'est le podcast à la découverte de Talents parmi la Jeunesse, et de la Jeunesse parmi les Talents.
Bonjour & Bienvenu.e dans Jeunesse Artistique, le podcast dédié aux jeunes artistes venant de tout horizon. Le podcast de la folie créative, de la découverte d’arts nouveaux, de talents parmi la jeunesse ou de la jeunesse parmi les talents. Toutes les deux semaines, retrouvons ensemble un.e nouvel.le artiste venant nous parler de son art, sa vie et sa création ! Peut-être découvrirez-vous des pépites ou des arts encore inexplorés...


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...the Scottish trad music scene. Feat Deaf Shepherd, Claire Hastings, Lau, Mairearad and Anna, Julie Fowlis, Dallahan, Fara, Iona Fyfe, Sineag MacIntyre, Ross Ainslie and Malcolm Jones, Brian McAlpine, Christine Kydd...
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AyePodcast 108 - Scottish Music Podcast

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
...Awards winners featuring Session A9, Kathleen MacInnes, Paul McKenna Band, Breabach, Duncan Chisholm and Julie Fowlis. It was a great night on Saturday 8th December with some brilliant music. Visit www.footstompin.com...
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AyePodcast 7

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
features tracks from Scottish records Heartsease by Shona Mooney, Cuilidh by Julie Fowlis, Suibhal by James Graham, Junction Pool by Junction Pool, Tam O'Shanter and Other Tales by...
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AyePodcast 6

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
...Fiddle & Piano from Shetland by Margaret Scollay, Mar a tha mo chridhe by Julie Fowlis, Scotland - The Music & The Song by Compilation, 5 Hand Reel
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#19-15: British Folk Invasion

Sing Out! Radio Magazine
...new and classic folk music from the UK. We’ll hear selections from John Smith, Julie Fowlis, Rachael McShane & the Cartographers, The Furrow Collective, Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy and many...
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AyePodcast 21 - Scottish song feature

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
...Daimh (pronounced Dive) from their Crossing Point CD, and then another award winning singer Julie Fowlis. We have a live interview with The Cast's Mairi Campbell followed by a track from...
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Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast no 151

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
...some superb piano playing from Dave Milligan and then a beautiful Gaelic song from Julie Fowlis backed by Paul McGeechan's Starless Orchestra. Then it's a preview EP of Ross Ainslie and...
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...a classic from Deacon Blue and enjoy brand new music from Salsa Celtica and Julie Fowlis!
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...a professional footballer? Find out how and hear a great selection of music from Julie Fowlis, The Proclaimers, Florie Brown, and more, plus a rare recording of a Sean Connery impersonation...
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Foot Stompin’ Free Scottish Music Podcast no 162

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
...the latest Foot Stompin’ Podcast! Featuring 50 minutes of great Scottish music including Niteworks, Julie Fowlis, Fiddlers’ Bidf, Steve Byrne, Kim Carnie, Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker and John Doyle, Lauren MacColl,...
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...Scotland's ancient folklore in the 18th century. You'll hear the Scottish Gaelic song by Julie Fowlis that's featured in trailers for Brave as well as songs from Ewan Robertson, Wolfstone, and...
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...the fiery Scottish lass Merida! Listen to the interview along with beautiful music from Julie Fowlis, Anna Murray, and more!
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...Tet - Teenage BirdsongAmon Tobin - Easy MuffinCrocodiles - Groove is in the Heart/California GirlsJulie Fowlis - Ribinnean Riomhach (or Beautiful Ribbons)Clams Casino - Kali YugaDance with the Dead - DiabolicKhruangbin...
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...Embassy - Heavy Meditation Tenacious D - Wonderboy Doubting Thomas - Father Don’t Cry Julie Fowlis - To Calum Pale Saints - Marimba Walter Schreifels - Open Letter to the Scene...
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