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Americana music. Let’s just call it American roots music, combining country, blues, bluegrass, folk, R&B and rock. So, most anything – but I usually like a bit of twang to my music. “Americana” was originally a marketing term for a broad spectrum...
Americana music. Let’s just call it American roots music, combining country, blues, bluegrass, folk, R&B and rock. So, most anything – but I usually like a bit of twang to my music. “Americana” was originally a marketing term for a broad spectrum of musical styles that didn’t fit into the mainstream radio genres; debate still rages as to what kind of music it actually describes. Join me every week, and explore with me this ever-inclusive “genre” – so much good music to play, so little time! I’m your host John Ford, and this is AM Radio, where the “AM” stands for Americana Music. You can find me here, or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – just search for “amradiolb”. https://amradiolb.com/
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Questions d'islam

France Culture
Questions d'islam
Emission consacrée à l'Islam
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SLAM POÉSIE le podcast - Mél Bué
Ce PodCast, imaginé et animé par Mél Bué, est né d'un besoin grandissant de faire connaître le Slam de Poésie francophone, vu par des slameurs d'univers variés, au grand public, et ainsi démocratiser la poésie comme elle a pu l'être par le passé.Un épisode est à sortir tous les 5 du mois à partir de septembre 2018.Retrouve toute l'actualité de Mél Bué sur www.melbue.com
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Musiques d'à côté

Le trottoir d'à côté
Vos productions musicales réalisés dans vos institutions
Vous faite de la musique, une chorale, du RAP etc... Retrouvez vos enregistrements dans ce podcast aussi éclectique que formidable.


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An Islamic State Hoax?

The Lawfare Institute
...the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested a Canadian man for faking his involvement in the Islamic State. It’s a strange charge, but the situation is made more complicated by the fact...
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Flux : The Gist
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...tired of thinking in stereotypes and inaccuracies? I know I do, and my knowledge of Islam certainly is vague... but here's an idea: how about sitting down with a Muslim and...
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Episode 300: Food of the Islamic World

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...collecting spices and ingredients from the early Silk Road routes right through the expansion of Islam from North Africa to South Asia. With the ingredients came the development of recipes and...
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...became known in Europe as Dragut. On Barbary he was called The Drawn Sword of Islam.
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In Syria the few remaining Islamic State fighters are hemmed in. The caliphate’s territory may be diminished, but the idea will...
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...American news outlets, but there remain large numbers of women and children linked with the Islamic State detained in various camps in Syria. Some of the population in the camps are...
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Political Islam has been radically shifting in the past four years since the Egyptian coup and the...
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...the baby religions from the big ones? Is there anything specific that makes Catholicism or Islam more important than the shrine to The Noid that I have in my closet? Some...
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Flux : SpyCast
...Vince Houghton sat down with Farhana Qazi, a scholar and speaker on conflicts in the Islamic world, and the first American Muslim woman to serve in the National Counter-Terrorism Center. Houghton...
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For a while, there have been large numbers of alleged former Islamic State state fighters and affiliates detained by the Iraqi government and by autonomous authorities in...
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...Nation is a bad idea when the biggest buyers of Australia’s wheat and cattle are Islamic nations • Barnaby Joyce warns warns anti-Islamic statements could harm trade deals
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Flux : Encore!
...film, photography, poetry and music in which she comments on Iranian feminism, the relationship between Islam and the West and her exile to the US, which began with the 1979 Islamic...