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Le roman raconte les aventures d’un gascon désargenté de 18 ans, d’Artagnan, monté à Paris faire carrière. Il se lie d’amitié avec Athos, Porthos et Aramis, mousquetaires du roi Louis XIII...
Le roman raconte les aventures d’un gascon désargenté de 18 ans, d’Artagnan, monté à Paris faire carrière. Il se lie d’amitié avec Athos, Porthos et Aramis, mousquetaires du roi Louis XIII. Ces quatre hommes vont s’opposer au premier ministre, le Cardinal de Richelieu et à ses agents, dont la belle et mystérieuse Milady de Winter, pour sauver l’honneur de la reine de France Anne d’Autriche. Avec ses nombreux combats et ses rebondissements romanesques, Les Trois mousquetaires est l’exemple type du roman de cape et d’épée. (Résumé de Wikipedia)
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Mr. Minstrel

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
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48.1 To Hear The Minstrel Play

The Other Stories | Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF Stories
48.1 To Hear The Minstrel Play When dad tells you not to rummage around the junk room, it’s usually for...
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...Königs Saal, hinauf zu des Königs holdem Gemahl! O Leide, weh, o Leide! II. The Minstrel By a willow tree, in a cool forest, where jackdaws and ravens hover, there lies...
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Sci Fi and Fantasy Show (RFP259G)

Renaissance Festival Podcast
...Birt from Songs of My People Give the Land Back to the Trolls by Joni Minstrel from Joni Minstrel & The Revolution Against Monarchs Hey-Ho, to Be a Pirate by Marc...
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Love Song Show

Renaissance Festival Podcast
...Bedlam performed by Owain Phyfe from Where Beauty Moves and Wit Delights Amarilli, mia bella performed by Craig of Farrington from Minstrel: A Lucky Man and His Lute Maid For Me performed by Craig of Farrington from Minstrel: A...
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Our Bawdy Showcase night with The Cannibal Tudors, The Minstrel Rav'n, Menage A Moi, Iris & Rose and The Merry Wives of Windsor.
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...Ringing" Baritone - "Along Came Ruth" Quartette - "He's A Rag Picker" Duet - "The Minstrel Parade" Band - "The Boston Stop" Minstrels - "Push Dem Clouds Away / Goodbye Manhattan...
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Breakfast Beers

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
Muppet pipes! Minstrels! The TMobile girl might be a Terminatrix! AND why drinking in the morning may not...
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...Baroque's current concerts of English and Italian sonatas with guest violinist Dana Maiben, Friday's "Wandering Minstrels" event, and the group's recording plans.
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Podcast # 22 features the modern day minstrel Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. Jim chats with Ian about performing Jethro Tull: The Rock...
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...take ourselves more seriously if we had a theme song by BJ Leiderman, “the manic-depressive minstrel of public media.” This episode is sponsored by Honest Kitten cat food.
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...Axel the Sot, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Marc Gunn, Sligo Rags, The Limey Birds, Minstrel Woode, and Molly & the Tinker Sponsor: The Luckless Prince Today's shows is ... Continue...
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...Artist Title Length Album Year Composer Record Label 0:00:00 Jethro Tull Baker St. Muse 16:42 Minstrel in the Gallery 1975 Ian Anderson EMI Gold 37 0:16:21 814 1:10 36 0:22:20 Phideaux...