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EXP Podcast #535: Mixer Ninjutsu

EXP Podcast #535: Mixer Ninjutsu
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#290: Everything You Know About Ninjas is Wrong

contact@artofmanliness.com (The Art of Manliness)
...have in the West about ninjas -- like the fact that there isn’t really a ninjutsu fighting system, nor were samurai the ninjas' sworn enemy -- and then gives the real...
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...and Mike Smith play Julian, Ricky and Bubbles, respectively. In a rare feat of comedic ninjutsu, they talk with Jesse entirely in character. Finally: Winter is coming, but who cares? Jesse...
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Lire en Bulles - Naruto

Occitanie Comics
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...dans le centre, comme le dit le dicton, ‘celui qui est pressé mange cru’ (…) Ninjutsu, Oxala, capoeira, ju jitsu, Shiva, Ganesh, Ze Pilin (entendez art du combat et divinités, dont...
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Medium d456d5f5b747c9c1f651faf144d2b997a34bd7bd
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