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'Eastwood Frisch Radio' is the podcast channel of…
'Eastwood Frisch Radio' is the podcast channel of renowned regional blues musician & entertainer Joseph Eastwood Frisch, and hosts both his Traditional American Roots music show 'Eastwood's Old Time Radio Hour.' (its the one people actually listen to) and his Comedy Improv show 'Eastwood Loves Everything.' Twice a month (every other monday) Eastwood hosts 'Eastwood's Old Time Radio Hour.' He sits down with a musician buddy to play and talk music, the more down home and old timey the better! Every other Thursday Eastwood and his band mate Jake Schofield get together to dive head first into stupidity, for an absurd improv comedy show 'Eastwood Loves Everything' 'Eastwood Frisch Radio' Playing some down home Traditional music. or the worst Improv Comedy ever. Check out one, the other, or both!!
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Invite Your Ear to French
A small slice of a Frenchwoman's day -- in France and in French. A fun way to improve your French! (with language level and podcast transcript on the website) . On tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays.
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Groovegsus Podcast
Groovegsus is a Belgian artist making electronic music.Producer, remixer, DJ and label owner, the multifaceted artist is passionated by electronic music. Groovegsus holds true to the belief that the power of music brings us together as one. The diversity of his tastes, and his ability to create spellbinding club experiences, promote harmony on the dance floor. Groovegsus turns up with records fluctuating between genres, not having a distinctive sound attached. That gives him the freedom to experiment,so his trademark doesn’t yet lie in specific sound, but in releasing prevailing material that is quite ear catching and tasteful. https://www.facebook.com/groovegsus/
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...show Mike Yahne stops in this week to discuss the staggering discography of the mighty Opeth. Is it ok for a metal band to stop being death metal? Does the name...
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Cellar Noise, Clepsydra, Leprous, Opeth

filliereprog@gmail.com (Production Kapricom)
La Filière ProgressiveÉpisode 771Dans cette épisode : Cellar Noise, Clepsydra, Leprous, OpethDiffusé le 01 Decembre 2019Ce podcast est disponible via les plateforme suivanteBaladoQuebecApple PodcastGoogle Play MusicRZOPodCloud.frPodcastfrance.fr
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Flux : Titre inconnu
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Fine Soft Day, Mystery, Clepsydra, Opeth

filliereprog@gmail.com (Production Kapricom)
La Filière ProgressiveÉpisode 768Dans cette épisode : Fine Soft Day, Mystery, Clepsydra, OpethDiffusé le 03 Novembre 2019Ce podcast est disponible via les plateforme suivanteBaladoQuebecApple PodcastGoogle Play MusicRZOPodCloud.frPodcastfrance.fr
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Welcome to Live From Progzilla Towers Edition 268. In this edition we heard music by Opeth, Dilemma, Bubu, Cosmograf, Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly, Gryphon, Lorien, Jean-Michel Jarre, Omnia, Paladin, Rani Chatoorgoon, Soft...
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...From Progzilla Towers Edition 160. In this edition, we heard music by Rush, Lobate Scarp, Opeth, Twombley Burwash, Doracor, Clannad, Genesis, Evership, Cardiacs, Farmers Market, Kansas, Aqua Talk, Return To Forever,...
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...H.E.A.T. ,Pretty Wild, 220 Volt, Dynazty, Allen-Lande, Astral Doors, Sister Sin, Crucified Barbara, Sabaton, Katatonia, Opeth, Pretty Maids, Anubis Gate, Astra, Stamina, Gotthard, Triosphere, Axxis, Jaded Heart, Dreadful Minds, Axel Rudi...
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...Hanggai, Headspace, Marbin, Spock's Beard, The Decemberists, Barracuda Triangle, Kyros, Lifesigns, Giraffe, Nektar, Dark Beauty, Opeth & Besides.
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...Lloyd Webber, Cheeto's Magazine, Thinking Plague, New Musik, Guapo, Steven Wilson, Pixie Ninja, Robert Miles, Opeth, Lavatory Service, Glasswork, Curved Air, Barclay James Harvest, Mirthrandir, Soup, Damanek, Mew & Peter Gabriel.
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...Skene of Hemina and Anubis and heard music by Mark Spencer, Hemina, Karnivool, Winger, Metallica, Opeth, Frost*, Anubis, Anathema, Queensryche, Silverchair, Type O Negative, Pain Of Salvation & Bombskare.
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...(USA), Fates Warning (USA), Universal Mind Project (USA), Oktopus (UK), Haken (UK), Arcade Messiah (UK), Opeth (SWE), Evergrey (SWE), DGM (ITA) e Chronos Zero (ITA)
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...Volta, Abba, Marcelo Paganini, Steely Dan, Genesis, Holger Czukay, Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Frank Zappa, Opeth, Firefly Burning, Ulrich Schnauss & Peter Gabriel.
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...Hawkwind, Lattemiele 2.0, Judy Dyble, Detlev Schmidtchen, Glass Hammer, Light, Church Of The Cosmic Skull, Opeth, Margarita Pracatan & Fluance.
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MAXIMETAL 138 - 5 octubre 2019

MAXIMETAL, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal podcast
...Fade" 3 - ALTER BRIDGE - “Dying Light” 4 - TOOL - "Pneuma" 5 - OPETH - "Cirkelns Riktning" 6 - GRIM COMET - "Dead Or Alive" 7 - RAY ALDER...