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Spike Lee: "BlacKkKlansman’’

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Flux : The Treatment
For over 20 years, director Spike Lee has pushed the boundaries of racism, politics and urban violence in his films. In his...
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Flux : Pop Rocket
The team sits down to share their thoughts on Spike Lee ’s new movie Chi-Raq which uses the premise of women withholding sex from their men...
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Jesse sits down with acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee . He tells us about how addiction is made explicit in his movie, Da Sweet...
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Spike Lee's love doc to New York

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Flux : Film Reviews
In less than four minutes, on Super 8 film, Spike Lee has captured the pain and surreal stillness of New York's pandemic moment.
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Flux : The Business
Over his more than 30-year career Spike Lee has gotten a lot of accolades for his work, but he’s never been nominated for...
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Flux : Who Shot Ya?
...car stereo like the Fonz. Plus, the crew discusses the films, style, and career of BlacKkKlansman director Spike Lee . And as always, we have Staff Picks. In news, the "Popular Movies Oscar" gets some support,...
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Flux : Bigmouth
...old days) and doyenne of the TV reviews JULIA RAESIDE of The Guardian. Plus: Is Spike Lee ’s BlacKKKlansman really the most important movie of the year? And why you really ought...
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...for the romantic comedy, one of the best sketch shows of all-time, and quite possibly Spike Lee 's finest hour. The other decades have stuff too, but 1989 brings the quality like...
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David Byrne and Spike Lee . Two artists with very defined, very distinct, and yet very different, sensibilities — but...
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...David Byrne’s hit Broadway show ‘American Utopia’ arrives on screens in a new film by Spike Lee , Robert Bound chats with Tim Robey and Hilary Hughes about Byrne’s history of revolutionising...
Flux : RSS text feed
Think, if Spike Lee had written Django Unchained. In her directorial debut, Nakkiah Lui has adapted An Octoroon by...
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...Klux Klan. On today's Pop Culture Happy Hour, we dive into the most talked about Spike Lee movie in years. Guest: Code Switch's Gene Demby
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Flux : The Nod
...to discuss her debut film, The 40-Year-Old Version, produced by Lena Waithe. She shares why Spike Lee and New York City play a major influence on her work.  
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...Live, including the debut of both the Church Lady and Choppin' Broccoli. 1996 brought us Spike Lee 's Get on the Bus and Saturn-exclusive Mr Bones, while 2006 found Christopher Nolan's Prestige...