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Western Wednesday

Radio Memories Network
Western Wednesday
How many western radio programs can you recall if any? Can you recall two, ten, or fifteen of them. How about twenty titles? Well, there were more than thirty different radio westerns that aired over the years. Some have become an example of radio excellence and others just memories. Each week we will be covering some of the most popular westerns and many that have faded into distance memories. Join me as we relive radio westerns that entertain many a young child with adventure on Western Wednesday.
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Westerns OTR

Old Time Radio DVD
Westerns On The Radio
Riding into the wild west of gunfighters, tales of cattle drives, and Sheriffs.Tales of rough and rowdy adventures of those hero's of the wild west
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Western Movies

Radio Memories Network LLC
Western Movies
Westerns Movies Channel will take you back to those great western movies from the 1930s-1950s. The wild west will come alive with those heroes that always fought evil and rescued the damsel in distress.
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Western TV Shows

Radio Nostalgia Network LLC
Western TV Shows
Western TV Shows will take you back to the early days of TV. Those days with the wild west came alive every Saturday morning.
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Westerns With Dad

Westerns With Dad
The Podcast!
It's a podcast about watching westerns with your dad. Or in this case, my dad. From John Wayne to Clint Eastwood to Sergio Corbucci to Bud Boetticher, we'll watch and discuss as many as we can, looking at the films, the genre, and our relationship to them (and each other, a little bit).


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Western Wednesday 141 Western Empire

Western Wednesday 141 Western Empire
Western Wednesday Presents Frontier Town "Western Empire "  Jeff Chandler,  Bill Forman (announcer).
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Western Wednesday Classic Westerns - Kung Lee Sin http://www.oldtimeradiodvd.com
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Forever Dog
...Hell on Wheels), and Anson Mount (actor, Hell on Wheels) discuss the rich tradition of westerns on TV from iconic characters, to revenge, duels, outlaws, lawmen, and the communities they protect....
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Western Wednesday Classic Westerns - Mark Cornings Mail Order Bride  http://www.oldtimeradiodvd.com
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Western Wednesday Classic Westerns - Judge Parsons 12 Man Gallows http://www.oldtimeradiodvd.com
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Western Swing

Western Swing
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Western Sunsets

Deeper Roots
...whose life on the range was less than what their songs usually embellish. In the western sunsets where John Lomax first went out in search of the ‘cowboy song’, we’ll explore...
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Flux : Live on KEXP
Chicago band Smith Westerns drop by to play songs from their third studio release " Soft Will" Live on...
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The home page of the Western Swing Society describes western swing as "a division of the American phenomenon known as jazz...