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Living in Hi-Fi

Flissy & Steve
A podcast about records
Living in Hi-Fi is a podcast about records, released every Monday. Like many record collections, ours has come together from various places: some vinyl we inherited from family, some we sought out and bought on purpose, but most of our records we fished out of dollar bins at thrift stores or dug out from deep in the crates at record stores. We love music so much that we’ll buy just about anything that looks interesting. We’ve discovered a lot of really awesome music that way and we want to share our discoveries. Some of the artists we’ve found have been forgotten about (if they were ever recognized in the first place!) and we think they deserve to be remembered and honored, or at least listened to. We feature some of our favorites: easy listening music from the 1950s and 1960s like exotica and bossa nova, as well as some oddball finds and world music from all over. Each episode, we’ll share the story behind the record we’ve chosen, a bit of history about the artist, and some highlights of the recording. Make sure to check out the show notes for each episode for more about the artist and where you can purchase the music we feature.
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Your Space-Age Pop dance party!!
The TRUE Number One Lounge music radio show in the WORLD! Every weekend step into the wonderful world of the BUDDIES LOUNGE as we serve you 2 hours of tasty Hi-Fi Space Age Pop, Jet Set, Swinin' Vocals, Easy Listening and Exotica sounds...in LIVING STEREO!
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CISM 89.3 : Avez-vous du WIFI
Avez-vous du WiFi?, ou comment vivre d’amour, d’eau fraîche et d’internet.
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Nintendo passionnément avec le PNCAST !
Un podcast 100% Nintendo qui revisite toute l'actualité de Big N avec une partie de l'équipe de Puissance Nintendo !
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Supported By Rick Ross


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Flux : TechStuff
Where did the WiFi standard come from? What are the differences of the various flavors of WiFi? And why...
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Types of WiFi

Flux : TechStuff
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Flux : TechStuff
...to talk about how you can protect your data when browsing the Internet. Is public WiFi off limits? Are VPNs reliable? What about Tor? Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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Flux : TechStuff
What is the difference between WiFi and WiMax? Why are there so many designations for wireless communication? Chris and Jonathan explain...
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Ep. 208: Money Plane Commentary w/ Ify Nwadiwe

shows@maximumfun.org (Maximum Fun)
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Pole Pruners, WiFi Phones, & Dirty Dishes – GF Radio 372

GardenFork Radio - DIY, Gardening, Cooking, How to
...Ides of March on the 15th St Patrick’s... Read More » The post Pole Pruners, WiFi Phones, & Dirty Dishes – GF Radio 372 appeared first on GardenFork.TV - DIY Living.
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Flux : Tad Talk
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The water is blue, white sandy beach, liquor is flowing...and no wifi?  What, no wifi?  Oh and sorry fellas, you can only bring 5 CD's with you....
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...(via Jesse in South Dakota) Silence Of The LANS Post-show: Auto-joining Wi-Fi networks "Free Public WiFi" iOS auto-joins AT&T Wi-Fi networks without user permission The mechanism by which Apple does this:...
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G3 - Dec 06

Raven and Blues
...- this month - the best of 2006 * Aeropress coffee maker * Acoustic Energy wifi radio * Logitech noise cancelling headphones * the ITSA
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Dan, James, Andy and Alex discuss the early days of MI6, donkeys with WiFi, and the world's only handwritten newspaper.