It’s an episode all about felines because Strange Jason adopted a cat named Velvet. With music from HAUNTED GEORGE, THE HANGEE V, THE COFFIN DAGGERS and more. It’s a retro edition of the MONSTERMATT MINUTE and we bring back SIX THINGS to review THE JACKETS’ album QUEEN OF THE PILL.

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Episode 252: Black Jacket, Black Tie, Black Cat (Released June 03, 2019)

Notes: Delayed, decayed, but never afraid.

All Cats Are Beautiful. We’ve somehow developed this ability for compassion and while we don’t always employ it towards humans, let us utilize it towards toward cats (and other animals.)

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01. The Creeping Ivies, “Black Cat”
02. The Black Tambourines, “Cat Days”
03. The Coffin Daggers, Cat’s Eyes
04. El Ray, “A Velvet Sound”
05. The Twang-O-Matics, “Black Cat”
06. Odicolon, “Black Cat”
07. The Surfin’ Wombatz, “Black Cat Bone”
08. The Quakes, “Nine Lives”
09. Tiki Men, “Black Cat”
10. Haunted George, “Bone Cat”
11. The Jackets, “Losers Lullabye”
12. X-Ray Cat Trio, “The Beast Of Bodmin Moor”
13. Deja Voodoo, “Cat That’s Gone To The Dogs”
14. The Hangee V, “Black Cat”
15. The Ghastly Ones, “Cat On A Hot Foam Board”
16. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, “The Cat Came Back”
17. The Bloodtypes, “Kats R Punx


More spooky rock (of the undead variety)

9-9-9 Lives

A Flash Of Orange And Black

…and with a legion of a Hundred Cats


Instagram Image is Velvet Chatchki aka Velvet Chatchkitty aka Vivi.


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